Have you ever felt this tired?

Hi guys,
I have had fatigue for the past couple of years, blood tests have all come back clear etc so not anaemic. However, I have found that since diagnosis last week I am completely and utterly exhausted. The simplest task like washing the dishes is absolutely wiping me out. Today I got up at 11, had breakfast cooked for me, helped prepare lunch, had a shower, ate lunch, washed dishes, went to the shops and I have struggled to even walk from a to b. I just want to sit down and close my eyes the whole time, I feel like I’m walking through honey. My granny has more energy than me! I can barely muster up the energy to reply to texts. Has anyone else experienced this post-diagnosis? I’ve been tired before but this is ridiculous. Any insights would be awesome, thanks guys, hope you’re all having a good Saturday x


I think what you are describing is pretty normal.. I was so tired that I couldn't get off the sofa to even make food for myself, and also didn't feel like eating. It was particularly bad on the days when I received bad news or read into doctors/radiologists comments too much and perceived them as bad news.. That made me think that the tiredness is due to anxiety and basically depression I think.. This is a shock and that's how the body is handling it..

Keep strong..

xx Anna

You are emotionally exhausted. The brain can do a pretty good job of wiping out all your energy. You will find your energy begins to return once you have your treatment plan in place.

Be lucky :-)

Hi, I was like this for 6 weeks after my treatment had finished and all through my treatment I hated it. I've finally begun to feel normal and I am able to do things again like today I have cleaned my house I haven't been able to do this since before I was diagnosed! I still get tired and sleep Alot at night and sometimes fall asleep in the day if I have been out. If I go town I have to keep sitting down but this is getting less and less as I go on.

I was told that the treatment lasts for 6 months in the system after it has finished so it's still working. Your body has also gone through one of the toughest battles it will ever face so it will be tired from all the fighting plus the treatment kills everything off like white blood cells etc so this will be a factor.

It will eventually pads but unfortunately we have to put up with it until it does.

I've found letting myself wake up on my own helps the tiredness as if I get woken up I feel like crap xx