Have you been recommended to stop taking the pill?

Hi everyone,


I hope you are all doing as well as can be under the circumstances we find ourselves in.


Yesterday I had an appointment with the breast clinic due to a suspicious lump (6 biopsies, now awaiting results).


When I mentioned I was on the pill during my consultation the nurse asked if my gynae oncologist knows I'm on the pill and suggested I speak to him at my next biopsy results  appointment to see if I should stop taking it.


So, I'm just wondering if anyone else has been told to stop taking it?


I'm guessing if a hysterectomy is my next treatment then I won't need it anyway. But if I'm still left having periods, the pill has always been a way to manage my erratic periods. 

Hi Lemon,

I haven't been told not to take the pill but when I was diagnosed I stopped taking it as there is a possibility that increase the risk for cervical cancer if you take it more than 5 years based on NHS. Honestly deep down i am blaming the pill for my diagnosis as I cannot find a reasonable explaination, but it is just me. 

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Maria xx

Hi Lemon lavender,

I spoke to my doctor in colposcopy today about this as I had stopped taking the mini pill due to being worried about the possiblity of it contributing to cell changes. She informed me that it's only the combined pill which is linked, not the mini pill. Apparently it's to do with the hormone in the combined pill which makes you more likely to get an ectropian which leave the cells more open to infection from HPV. I think I remembered that correctly! I'm still not sure about it all. I'd like to know I have a reliable contraceptive but also don't want to do anything which might make the cell changes more likely to return.

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Thank you both.


I take the combined pill. I've looked at the leaflet and it says stop taking this medication if you have breast cancer or a close relative who has breast cancer. But it doesn't mention cervical cancer.


I'll speak to my consultant at my next appointment, thank you. Xx

Well I looked at my mini pill packet too and there is also a link to breast cancer. My consultant in colposcopy recommended that I go back on the mini pill as she was concerned I might end up with an unplanned pregnancy if I rely on condoms alone. I'm not sure now I've read the leaflet as I just can't bring myself to do anything which increases my cancer risk.

Let us know what your consultant says.


I stopped taking the pill when I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I was having 6 monthly smears for around 2 years, always hpv positive and borderline changes. I started taking the pill and in 6 months went from borderline changes to 1a1 cancer. My gp told me 'there's no proven link' but when I mentioned it to my consultant, she kind of shrugged her shoulders and nodded, as if to say its a possibility. I was taking the mini pill so it stopped my periods and really unnatural when you think about it, plus all those artificial hormones.

For the record -  I've never been on the pill; never smoked come to that!


Thanks so much everyone.


I've been taking my pill for 22 years and haven't had any abnormal smears until this January. I've tried coming off it a few times but always end up going back as my periods are all over the place and it results in bleeding for unnecessarily long lengths of time and being regularly caught by surprise and having accidents.


I've tried the depo injection but that just resulted in several months of bleeding. The GP said the implant and coil would likely cause the same issue. 


If my consultant says it's okay to continue I will stay on it as it really does give me a better quality of life.


If they say to come off, I will as I'd rather not come back telling you all my cancer has, returned at some point in the future.


Hope you're all having a calm and restful weekend xx

Hi lemon lavender,

Im on the combined pill and my consultant has said its fine to keep taking it. My mum also had breast cancer last year but he said to me that they only advise you to stop taking it if you have a lot of close relatives diagnosed with cancer.

So i think you should be fine. Obviously im no doctor haha but that was the advice they gave me. 

Hope your ok.

Amy xxx

Thanks Amy, that's good to know x

Maria, I am totally the same. So stopped it completely. And will never take them again. .