Have to go doctors for results

I had my smear test just before Christmas and now I have to go to the doctors for my results. Obviously isn’t good news :frowning:
3 years ago I was found to have cin 3 which was removed and then the smear I had 6months later was all clear, no abnormal cells or hpv detected.
Can cervical cancer develop in 3 years?! Or could it be that because I’ve had cin3 before maybe that’s back and they want to discuss?
My appointment isn’t until Thursday and I’m so nervous :frowning: what else could they want to discuss if it’s not cancer :frowning:

Try not to be nervous , the waiting can be horrible. It might just be cell changes again, they're probably going to tell you just need treatment, otherwise they most likely would have called you in for a colposcopy for biopsies.

Thankyou, just the mind racing and panicking why they couldn't just send a letter like last time if it's cin3 again. Arghhh. 

How did your appointment turn out?