Have not been told what stage

Hi all,


Was just wondering if anyone else has been in the same position as me, I haven't been told what stage my cancer is.

Here is what I do know, after my EUA I was told it hadn't spread but the best course of action was chemoradiation which I have started, he explained my tumour is on the outside of my cervix and if they did a hysterectomy they would have to disfigurement my vagina.


After speaking to the treatment consultant he advised I have a good chance of beating this although obviously they can't guarantee it. It didn't occur to me to ask about staging until last week at my radiotherapy the nurses said they don't hold that info and I would have to ask my consultant, I don't have an appointment to see my consultant until September 6 week's after my treatment is complete.


I just wondered if this is normal as I don't suppose it really makes a difference to us what stage it is.

Thanks in advance,





Hey Laura,

I didn’t get my staging until after EUA, but then after my hysterectomy the tumour was de-staged. I did have to ask as they weren’t forthcoming with it tbh. I think they just went with the info they had at the time, so from what they could ‘see’ in EUA I was 2A but after removing everything they found it was 1B.

I guess what I’m saying is in my own experience they didn’t actually know for sure until the very final piece of the puzzle.

If you call your specialist nurse she should be able to let you know or find out for you.

I hope your treatment’s going well xx