Have i slipped through the net?? UPDATE

Morning all,

 I would really appreciate it if someone would read my story and give their opinion because I really don't know what to think anymore...... I went for my first smear as soon as I was called at 25 (2011) the result came back abnormal, within the results letter it suggested they had found HPV present, however I can't recall the letter stating the level they had found.  I went for a colposcopy where I was told that they couldn't see anything abnormal, I now know they didn't take any biopsies. So i left the hospital feeling relived and recieved a letter shortly after basically stating that all was fine and I would need another smear in 3 years time. 3 years have passed...... And I am now 28 and went for my 2nd smear as soon as I was called in January. The nurse carried out my smear and commented that there was blood on the "brush", she said that if there's too much blood I would have to return for another smear as the result would be void. I explained to the nurse that I had been having a little abnormal bleeding, after sex and between periods- she didn't seem overly concerned and sent me on my way, saying that there could be blood present because of where I am within my menstrual cycle-this I knew. The smear results came back as abnormal this time with high dyskaryosis CIN 2/3 present and I would need a coloscopy.(again) At the coloscapy the doctor had my notes in font of her and asked a few, in my mind obvious questions such as have I had a smear before. I explained that I had 1 previous smear 3 years ago  and that after a coloscopy, I recieved a letter saying I was ok. The doctor then looked through my notes and said "oh yes, you had moderate levels of HPV present"  I never gave this a thought and went in for my coloscopy where the doctor told me she "couldn't see anything, but will take some biopsies anyway" she explained that the coloscopy only allows them to see the front of the cervix and some cells maybe behind where they can't see, or under the skin. (It was a punch biopsy I had) I'm currently on my 2nd week of waiting for my results which I was told, can take upto 4. During this 2 weeks I've been thinking back to my first smear and thinking should I have been called back after another 6 months???- if I had moderate changes then, should they have not taken biopsies "just in case" then??? I feel like I've been left for 3 years and now my cells have changed from moderate to high. The nurse said I would recieve a letter with an appointment to go back and discuss my results if treatment was needed.......however "treatment" wasn't explained so I'm not actually sure what this means. Is it the Llez????? What is this????  Am I overreacting, being a drama queen or am I right to be concerned about the whole situation? I feel really alone with my worries.  Thanks Kat 

So 4 weeks after the above coloscopy where they took punch biospies i recieved a letter which the consultant had also sent to my doctor. The letter basically said that they hadnt found anything on my coloscopy. i was so relieved.....a further 6 weeks later i have recieved a letter saying i need treatment. The shortest letter possible.....no leaflet.....no info on what this "treatment is! i have absolutely no faith in the consultant and feel i have been slipping through the net with my smears for the past 3 years!


Can anyone shed any light onto what this "treatment may be?"


Thanks so much! x

Sorry lovely, no one other than your Dr will know for sure. Id take a guess at it being the lletz but I really have no idea. Try to get hold of them to see if they can give you more info x

Thanks lemoncat - i called and they said they will do a consultation for 30 mins and then carry out treatment. She said I have CIN2 with high level changes- she seemed to give me the impression that they were going to remove the affected areas- is that a LLETZ? if so how is this different from biopsies removed pain wise? Should I book the day off work? X


i have had both biopsys and LLETZ for CIN2. Personally I didnt feel anything it really is ok! the two nurses kept me talking so did the doctor peforming the proceduce actually. 




Sorry I forgot to say I had a late afternoon appointment so left work early then was fine going to work the next day, I had bleeding for up to 4 weeks After the worst thing was wearing a towel instead of a tampon but you deal with it as it's what you have to do.


Thanks prettyflower my appointment is at 9am so may take the rest of the day off. Wow bleeding for 4 weeks after! Hope your ok now prettyflower and thanks for the advice . When You have the LLETZ do they send off whatever they have removed for more tests? stupid question but what is it they check for? That it's not cancerous rather than pre-cancerous? Sorry that Sounds so dumb! x

Yes they check that and they also check there are clear margins, so that the sample they have there are normal cells round the outside so they know they got it all, if not they will have left some inside of that makes sense. Sorry, still learning everything myself. I had bad period type cramps for the rest of the day after LLETZ and felt really sorry for myself but was fine the day after xx

Hi the Lletz procedure is not too bad only a bit undignified! The only thing i will say is everyone is different dealing with the aftermath.

I have had my second Lletz two a week ago this was my second in 8 weeks, luckily being half term i wasnt in work but i have had pain now for over a week and some bleeding, if i had of been working i probably wouldnt have been able to go back for a few days. You may be absolutely fine and happy to return the following day, just remember to listen to your body x

Thanks, Boggis good luck with your results - yes your right im sure everyone is different. Good luck with your results too lemoncat. Is it the same type of waiting time for the results for the LLETZ as the biopsies (4 weeks?) jeez i hope they manage to sort me out. Its just a really strange feeling - its like, im worried of course, but i worry more for the long term. Will i have children, will i always get abnormal smears (ive not had a clear one yet!) really puts things into perspective.

Good luck to all xx