Hate the Wait! :-(

Afternoon Ladies,

After my recent routine (6 monthly) smear, my results have come back clear. Phew!!!

But, the nurse called me at home to say that she was referring me back to colposcopy. I am now over thinking everything. The abnormal bleeding, pain when my bladder fills up and the frequency in which i am now using the toilet.

Is it possible that she saw something that hasn't shown on the smear???

I had CIN3 a few years ago and i am worrying myself sick now. The wait is driving me crazy. Frown


Hi, I may be wrong but i have done  A LOT of reading about colposcopy's in the last few weeks (too much, i'm the queen of google!) and i am sure I have read that it is procedure to refer to colposcopy if there are symptoms such as abnormal bleeding. And considering your history, she is probably just playing it safe. Its probably nothing, and if your smear was clear thats a very good sign i would imagine!

I would say try not too worry, but it's certainly easier said than done and I can't seem to manage that myself! xx