Hassled my GP for results

So, I had a letter Saturday morning in response to my LLETZ treatment, which said I needed more treatment and booked me an appointment with an oncologist for the 02/09. Nothing in regards to a diagnosis was mentioned. I really did not want to wait the better part of 3 weeks so called my GP, said I wanted a call back same day. Couple hours later, call from the receptionist stating that the GP needed to see me in person, he won't discuss it over the phone. Obviously I am thinking the worst at this point.

It turns out I have 1a1, a very minute amount! This may have already all been removed with the LLETZ. I still need to have the follow up with the oncologist and possibly an MRI and chest x-ray to be on the safe side, but hopefully, it's already gone and I won't need more treatment bar regular smear tests!!!

To say I am relieved today is an understatement! 



Glad you managed to find out and didn't have to wait 3 weeks that would have been unbearable. Hope your appointment goes OK, glad to hear they already think they've got it all that's great! Xxx