Has it been long enough?

Hi ladies,  had loop excision on 3rd June so this coming Wednesday will be 4 weeks I go on holiday in 2 weeks and need to do something about the flabby tummy and bum! Do you think I would be OK to start excicise?  

I feel fine in self and bleeding has finally stopped also been told the area is healing really well! 


Thanks Emma x


Hiya i was told 4 weeks, maybe try a light session and see how you feel after, i found with exersice it didnt hurt at the time but that evening it was really bad and the bleeding started again, so if you try something not to extream and thats ok then go from there :) hope that helps x

Hi Emma,

I started exercising after about 3.5 weeks and I had no trouble whilst I was exercising. At the start I did have a little pain after the movement but nothing extreme. Now I am back to my usual moderate to high intensity workouts without an issue at 6 weeks. However, squats whilst lifting a weight over my head (one of my usual resistance exercises) seems to sting a little inside so I've given that one the boot for a couple more weeks. Exercising is fine but just listen to your body if it feels wrong don't do it :)


Enjoy the vacay, you certainly deserve it after this process!