Has cin 3 turned to cancer?

Hi everyone im new here so please bear with me i am 25 with 3 children and married i had my first smear test in

feb this year and it came back positive for hpv virus so i was sent for a colposcopy had a biopsy and it came back with cin 3,

my appointment is on the 15th of this month i am aware of the treatments used to clear these cells but what i am

concerned about is roughly around a week after having my biopsy i had very minimal spotting for about 3 days that was on

the 17th of last month now my periods are usually on time every month on the 4th so i know this wasnt my period i was

experiencing so far my period has not arrived either and with no signs of it coming anytime soon. Did the colposcopy

irritate my cervix or is it something more, also i have been feeling very tired and has loose bowels for about 3/4 weeks

also i get some pains like period pains when ovulating right up til my period date and smelly discharge sorry for that info

i am really worried i phoned the lady at the hospital and there is never anyone to talk to the 15th seems so far away please

can someone give me some advice please x


Hiya iv just had Lletz a few days ago for CIN3 pdevious to that I had

a biopsy after which I had bleeding and when I thought it had stopped I would start up again so It may be because of that also

if you have smelly discharge I would be thinking you may have an infection which is also a possible cause of the symptoms you are having, I wpuld

give your doctor a call and be seen just Incase it is an infection I had one after my biopsy and had symtoms like you're describing.

You have had your biopsy which has shown CIN3 I know people say CIN has no symptoms however my consultant said if it's bad enough then it can show some symptoms 

cramping being one of them if the biopsy has shown CIN3 then I do believe that's what it is and not CC