Has anyone not bled after LLETZ?

Hi all,
I had LLETZ exactly 2 weeks ago.In the meantime I’ve had a period.I didn’t have any bleeding straight after the procedure nor any pain.I have more of a watery discharge.I’m wondering is there anyone who didn’t bleed after the scab comes off? I’m waiting for this scab and bleeding that is meant to follow but nothing has happened yet.

I also didn’t have a lot of bleeding I guess it depends on the person. I do remember the scab coming off around 2 weeks after Lletz, I was running to get the train and felt something dropping :sweat_smile: yes it was the scab ,but bleeding was really none existent for me

Au thanks for answering me back.I’ll be on scab watch now lol.I’m afraid to go back to running and cycling and the gym incase I dislodge it before it’s ready to fall off and then end up bleeding and having to go back into hospital to be poked at again!

I know what you mean I think from week 3 is absolutely fine to run before that I would be a bit careful just because of the healing. Take care

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