Has anyone had ovarian cysts after a hysterectomy?

Hi ladies,

I haven't posted on here for a while. I had a hysterectomy in 2014  and luckily got discharged from smear tests last year. Everything has been fine but recently I have been experiencing pain during sex Along with bloating. I phoned the doctor today who has referred me for an ultrasound as he suggested it may be an ovarian cyst. 

Has anyone experienced this post hysterectomy? Thanks 

Hello there! I had ovarian cysts which come and go after treatment. My biggest was 4cm but it resolve on its own. to be on the safe side, you can ask your gynaeoncologist to monitor them over time. Cheers!

Hey - I got cysts too. Largest was 5cm and that really made itself known, I had 2 trips to A+E it was so painful. They have always resolved themselves, I've got one on my left ovary now but it isn't causing me any bother. Cysts are really, really normal and very common, it's just sometimes they get big without popping so you start to feel them. It's tricky when you have no idea where you are in your cycle after a hysterectomy to know where pain etc is coming from.

Hope your ultrasound comes quickly and your symptoms go away soon x

Thanks ladies. I had my ultrasound on Tuesday and the doctor said that he couldn't see anything to worry about and I'd get my results within a week.  He couldn't locate my right ovary though but he said that this is quite common after a hysterectomy as the bowel will often move down into the void that the uterus has left. This has now made me wonder if my pain and discomfort is because things have got a bit jiggled up inside following the surgery. Have you heard of this before, have you personally had any issues with bloating/digestion etc. Thanks for your replies and I hope you are both well xx

Hi there,

Yep - my left ovary wasn't visible in either an ultrasound or a CT scan recently. It only became visible when it grew a cyst. I was also told the bowel was in the way.

I am really struggling with digestion, bowel, constipation etc. Had tests for everything under the sun but the only thing I've been diagnosed with is IBS. I find I just have to eat really well, avoid too many heavy carbs, go for lots of walks and drink lots of water for it to function. A breakfast of granola or museli with yogurt and chopped fruit every day seems to help too.





Hi everyone 

Sorry to bring an old post up, but I have tried to write my own with no joy undecided

I have been searching on here for anybody who has been in a similar position to me. 

I am 1 year post treatment for stage 2b cervical cancer, had hysterectomy everything removed ovaries left... Chemo/rads/bracytherapy

For months I have been complaining to my consultant about stomach pain, burning swelling you name it, have been to A&E who gave me indegestion tablets!!

Last week I went to my doctor with pain and he has indeed found lumps in my stomach.. So I am now on an emergency pathway for ovarian cysts/cancer ultrasound has shown that 1 weighs a whopping 14cm and the other 8cm,so shout out to the guy in A&E who said it is indegestion!!

Has anyone been through this before, I am 30 with 2 boys under 7,so my nerves have gone thinking the worst!! Has this happened to anyone and do you no how long the wait is to find out, I completely understand it's not something you no overnight, but I feel with the cervical cancer I was kept in the loop, with this I am just lost with it all.

Thankyou for your time

Kay xx