Has anyone had any issues with the HRT shortage?


I read some stuff in the news about a HRT shortage so went and asked my pharmacy if they were going to be able to source my next repeat prescription of patches (Evorel 50). They rang round all the local brances and confirmed they couldnt get hold of any. I'm going to try and see my GP tomorrow to find out what alternative brands are suitible/available.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Ta xx

I'm due my annual repeat prescription in November - so worried about this. Also would be interested to hear if anyone has to use alternative. My prescription is evorel conti patches.

The GP was able to prescribe me my normal Evorel 50 but only 4 weeks (not the usual 12) as the pharmacy only had two packs. They let me have one as they seem to have the policy as they would rather two women get 4 weeks than only one woman get 8. 

So I have the total of 6 weeks of HRT left at the moment. Not ideal...

Hi - yes, yes and yes! My original HRT pill ran out after only 3 months on it - the second choice my doctor prescribed also unavailable, so I got to a third prescription which was available - this took several weeks to sort out as I kept thinking the stock would magically reappear, and it took time to get an updated prescription each time) - move on 6 months and now that is out of stock.

My pharmacist that I use is great and suggested to me a month before my pills run out to give him a call and he will check stock levels. I have done this only this weekend, and he called me back to say my brand of HRT pills is again out of stock (as are the other 2 previous choices) - but he had found another similar one available and has ordered that in and I just need to call my GP and check it is OK for me and get my prescription updated. 

It is all a bit of a mad way of getting my HRT - but having gone without it for 6 weeks whilst trying to source appropriate pills 7 months ago I was suprised at how quickly my tiredness/ hot sweats & flushes reappeared. 

My advice is call your pharmacist a month before you run out, find out what is available, then call your GP to update prescription (its the GP bit that takes the time as it may not be an appropriate HRT pill for you, then they try another and thats not available etc etc)




I agree it is a completely mad system. The doctor prescribes you something without knowing if it's available or not.

It dosen't help that my doctor is only prescribing 4 weeks worth at a time. I seem to be spending every other week harrasing the pharmacy to try and find out what they have and what they can get. So far i've been lucky and they have been able to get my patches.