Has anyone had adenocarcinoma in situ come back years later? ref. pg

Hi there! This is my first time posting so I hope I am posting in the right forum. I was diagnosed with cervical adenocarcinoma in situ back in 2011 and had a very extensive cold knife cone biopsy. My OBGYN took pretty much all of my external cervix. The pathology report couldn't have looked better. They believed they got everything out, nothing invasive was found and there was no dysplasia anywhere near the margins. I continued to be monitored closely the first year and my PAPs always came back normal. There have been mutlitple times over the years when the pathology report indicated that there was no endocervical/transformation zone component identified. The endocervical cells are the ones affected by adenocarcinoma so I like knowing that those cells were evaluated and found to be normal. My doctor hasn't really been concerned since I made it past the first year with everything being normal. When this has happened, it has been a one off thing and the next time I go in, they get the sample and it's normal.

My 2016 PAP and my recent 2017 PAP were both lacking the endocervical component so the last time I had my endocervical cells evaluated was in March 2015. I have access to my pathology reports online and I was nervous when my recent one came back a second time in a row without the endocervical component so I called my OBGYN to ask about having it repeated. I really didn't want to wait until this time next year to try again since that would be three years since they had proof that it was normal. They called back and referred me to a gynecological oncologist to get his opinion about further testing and monitoring. My doctor wasn't worried, but she wanted his opinion about how often she needed to get this sample. I was taken aback by the referral, but I was interested in what he had to say. 

The oncologist really wasn't worried at all and was surprised I was referred to him. He decieded to attempt to get a better sample which he had to really work at. It was very painful for me, but he was pretty confident that he had gotten what he needed. The PAP came back with atypical glandular cells. (By the way, my squamous cells have been normal every time.) He tried to perform an Endocervical Curratage (ECC) in his office, but it was excrutiating. I had a cerclage placed abdominally when I was pregnant with my first and it is still in place. He was trying to dilate me with the cerclage in and I just couldn't handle it. He decided I need to be under anesthesia at a hopstial to get this done. On Tuesday, I went in for the biopsy, which I thought would be an ECC, but he decided to do another cone biopsy to make sure we got accurate results. I am currently waiting on results and am very nervous. Has anyone ever had somehing like this come back after 6 years of everything being fine? The oncologist said that sometimes a few cells will look strange due to inflammation or something. He said when the lab sees the cells in better context, they don't always looks so abnormal. I am hoping this is all it is, but I am very scared. 

Also to note, I have been having some abnormal bleeding between periods which I recently saw my OBGYN about. A vaginal ultrasound was performed, but they didn't see anything abormal and just attributed the bleeding to my hormones adjusting after finishing breastfeeding. I had stopped breastfeeding about a year prior to this. The bleeding makes me think it's something more significant than just inflammation.

I would appreciate any input or experience with this. Thank you! Sorry it's so long.