Has anyone had a visible growth- outcome?

hi all I'm new here and posted in the colonoscopy section and not getting many replies so trying in here...basically I have a lesion on my cervix which looks like a wart. It's been seen by a consultant 2 days ago who said its not a polyp as the nurse that spotted it suspected. I've been referred for a colonoscopy next Thursday which makes me think I've been fast tracked which I'm trying not to think about too much. I asked the consultant if I should be worried and he said the colonoscopy will tell me for sure. I've read that a visible lesion is usually advanced but this could be Google scaremongering but I'd rather know. I have no idea what I'm dealing with could it be anything else and has anyone had a visible lesion that was CIN and not cc? I know Thursday isn't too long to wait and it'll be here before I know it but I feel like I need to be armed with the facts, can anyone who's been through similar point me to their story, good or bad? Thanks so much ladies x 


Hi there,

I had a visible growth on my cervix prior to diagnosis. Was staged as a 2b and completed my treatment last Thursday. As far as we can tell at this stage treatment had been successful. Try not to Google, it really is not your friend right now. If this is cc it is very treatable and success rates are high. I can't give you any other alternatives, largely because I couldn't find the answers either, but I'm sure there must be some.

I know it's easier said than done but try not to drive yourself as with worry. Keep busy and the day of your colposcopy will be here in no time.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Rachel x

Hi Rachel thanks so much for your reply. sorry to hear of your diagnosis but pleased to hear it's been successful, keeping everything crossed for you! can I ask if you'd had a previous clear smear? I'm struggling to understand how it wasn't picked up at my scan which I think was about 18 months ago if I remember right. I am worried and can't find an alternative either. 

im in moving house on Monday so sure that will keep me busy. Suffering with dizziness pain in my pelvis and back and generally feeling rubbish but realised I have for a while so trying not to let my anxiety make it worse. I'm just hoping it comes back as something else. 

also can I ask where it had spread to? I am worried if it is cc it has spread, purely due to the pain I have but of course this could all be down to something else entirely not related! (Fingers crossed!) 

thanks again x

No worries lovely, that's what we're here for. I was late for my smear by a year but as far as I know my previous one 4 years ago was clear. I'm looking into this as I don't remember receiving any correspondence either way. I too struggle to know how it grew so quickly when things say it's slow growing. 

I too had pelvic and back pain. Had 2 pelvic lymph nodes involved so I put my pain down to this. In hindsight I'd had lower back pain for a while put took no notice. My job is quite manual so put it down to that.

I too hope that this is something else for you. Good luck with the move, will definitely keep you busy!


Hi Ellen,

Well first I hope you are happy in your new home and that the move goes smoothly. I had a visible lesion, as far as I can tell it was a whopping 3" (7.5cm) across. I have had the full gamut of treatment and am as fit as a fiddle. If you want to read the full story you can click on my name in pink which will take you to my profile where you will find "My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy".

Having said all that, there is still plenty of chance that your 'wart-like' growth is just a polyp so do try not to worry yourself until you know for certain from proper testing. Also it is perfectly true that smear tests do not pick up 100% of abnormal cells and so it is possible to slip through the net. But they are still far more effective than not being screened.

Be lucky :-)

Hi. It could be a condyloma, which is a type of wart! Mine was visible at colp, and was 4.5 cm but was still staged at 1b. If it is cancer, it's not so much about the size, but more about how it is growing and where it is growing into! Mine was exophytic, meaning it was growing outwards into the vaginal space rather than up through the cervical tissue. Scared the scrap out of me when the doc said it was 'highly unusual' but this turned out to be a good thing! The waiting is sh1t, but it is essential to ensure the best treatment is given! Good luck xxx



Hope the move goes well. Don't let the speed of the appointment distract you from what could be an innocent lesion. I think it's great you're getting the right investigations quickly. When the nurse spotted my lesion it was assumed to be an ectropian. It took 18 months before I was referred to colposcopy, and everything happened quickly once I had been referred. The lesion was a 1b, it was only 8mm but had grown out wards (I even think I'm lucky it did grow out- otherwise it could have been hiding even longer!). the support and treatment has been fab, 4 months later I'm now CC free and being reviewed 3 monthly. I'm 29 and googling scared me soooo much. The consultant kept me grounded and positive throughout. 


Whatever happens, you're getting the right tests and here's a great sounding board for any questions. Will be thinking of you on thurs x 

Thanks so much girls I don't feel quite as bad after readibg your stories, I just want to know now but do feel more positive even if it is cc it's still beatable. I lost my mum 8 years ago due to an extremely rare aggressive type of sarcoma (1 in a million type thing) and so obviously the C word to me means not surviving it. I'm praying it's just an ectropion as was told at my last smear and the consultant is just playing it safe. I'll update after Thursday but thank you all again x

Hi there,  my tumour was visible at colposcopy and actually would of been visible at the smear test for sure. I don't know what size it was but it was staged at 2b as it had very early spread into the parametrium (supporting tissue around the cervix).  Google is never a good plan in these circumstances it just heightens anxiety and you start to get all sorts of phantom symptoms and diagnosed yourself with the worst possible outcome. If this turns out to be cancer it's not necessary as far gone as that as a stage 1b2 is visible to the naked eye but it's usually at this stage when they prefer to do chemo and radiation instead of the hysterectomy.  You'll know at colposcopy I knew he marked invasive on my form marked it urgent and requested the pet scan while we waited on a definite answer but we all knew it was coming back as cc. 


Take care xx

Hi girls just thought I'd update so far, I went for the colposcopy and he coulnt see a lesion at all!! No idea what the nurse and consultant were looking at but the relief was immense! I do have quite a large ectropion which would explain the bleeding, so had 2 punch biopsies done so waiting on the results from that but he said he's not expecting anything to show! :) I can't believe how much stress that consultant has put me under! Had cryotherapy and the bleeding has stopped so far. I'll update when I get the results, trying not to read how ectropion and cc can look the same...think I'm not going to fully relax until the results come through but do feel loads better. 

thanks so much for all your replies x

Hi Ellen, I'm so glad you got some of the feedback you needed in this section, & that things are sounding positive for you *big hug*, all the best for your results

update, I received a letter this morning with no results just an appointment to be seen by the same consultant who did my colposcopy in 3 months time. Im confused but hoping because it's a while away they aren't worried and its mild changes possibly? Anyone been in this situation? x


when I went for my colposcopy the consultant said he knew it wasn't an ectropian from the die they use - CC/ ectropian can look the same to the naked eye but the die tells them apart. So if at colposcopy they were confident of an ectropian that sounds very positive. You can have an ectropian without any form of cancerous changes. I was told at colposcopy I'd need treatment and was called back to clinic very quickly after my colposcopy. 

a 3 month review sounds like they want to make sure everything stays ok. If it's playing on your mind it might be worth giving the clinic a call to check? I'm sure they'd be happy to talk and would want you to be worrying. It might give you some clarification and save some worry before your next review xx

Thanks Rhi that did reassure me, and just received results letter to say no abnormalities found!! Huge huge relief. 

thanks so so much to everyone who's replied it's been a bit of a worrying 4 weeks but your support has really helped. 

Ellen xx

Fantastic news :) .. What a relief! enjoy your weekend x

Brilliant News Ellen :-)

Have a blast this weekend! :-)