Has anyone had a cervical polyp?

when I went to my doctor for other symptoms he did an Exam and said he had found a cervical polyp and some concerning cells so have been referred for an urgent 2 week appointment which is on Wednesday but I wondered if anyone else has had a polyp?

im sorry i havent heard of polyp maybe call the clinic and ask some more questions hun x

Hi. I have had exactly the same thing. The doctor started to panic and act really strange and said it looks like a polyp but not a polyp. Wtf?? She also referred me for a two weeker. I have been having brown spots between my period for about 2 months. I'm so worried but totally confused!! im up to date with smears but she said that doesn't make a difference. No idea what to think 


I feel your pain xxx

When I went for my colposcopy the doctor found a polyp. She removed it there and then, and sent it for biopsy along with some of my abnormal cells. My results came back with CIN2 and CIN3 cells and I had LLETZ treatment a week and a half ago. Waiting on results of that now, but the doctor seemed to think I would be ok just to come back for a check up after 6 months. I didn't ask specifically about the polyp, but they can happen for lots of reasons, they're not uncommon. If you're nervous, do call before your next appointment, as having more information can really help. I'm sure I got told a load of information on the day, but my head was such a blur that I didn't remember and had to check the internet afterwards! 

The treatment is not that bad at all, physically. But it really floored me emotionally. So do just take care of yourself xxx

Hi Nally

Thats excatly how I felt I just blurred out everything and focussed on C word. I have been told they will remove whateevr it is straight away and then check for other stuff. Google is the stuff of the devil I tell you. xxx