Has anyone experienced this

I’ve been havin pains as I had my lletz last Monday. …so I went to my gp which he said he wanted to have a look…I haven’t had any bleeding since the lletz just a small bit of discharge…however funny thing is is that when I went to gp and got undressed their was blood on the pad…not a lot just a bit
When he looked at my cervix he said it was bleeding…when he took the swabs their was a bit of blood on the speclum and on the sheet quite a bit…he said it’s probably my period coming but when I got home theor was no blood just discharge…so now I’m wondering why I was bleeding so much when he ruched my cervix and why their was so much blood on the speclum…he said he’s gonna send the swabs off and I should contact him in 3 days
Just a bit worried now about this…

hey hope your well, this happenled to me every time after a speculm since the lletz, it's because your still healing and the speculm can knock the cervix where your biopsy is (what my dr said) try not to worry if you have an infection they'll sort you out with antibiotics X good luck X 

Hey Sarah,

Hope you are doing ok. We all react differently to LLETZ. I had 4 weeks consistent bleeding with mine, around 7-10 days in I think the scab where they have sealed the wound tends to fall away and can cause some bleeding, especially if you have been examined, it has more than likely caused a bit of disruption up there. The swabs will be to see if you have a bit of an infection there, which is not uncommon. 

Big hugs to you, it may not feel like it, but it won't last forever.