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My family member was being treated for fibroids

My family memeber was being treated for fibroids and had an abdominal hysterectomy in May the surgeon was able to leave the ovaries intact as they were not affected by the fibroids.   5 weeks after the hysterectomy all appeared to be well and she felt great, fast forward 7 weeks …. Started to be sick went to the doctors who treated her for food poisoning and prescribed antibiotics and anti-sickness tablets and took bloods.  She appeared to get a bit better for a day or two but this sickness came back and she was unable to keep any food or fluids down.  Back to the doctors and stronger anti-sickness tablets were prescribed this was on the Friday and by the Monday she was so ill with dehydration, weight loss and low blood pressure an ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital.  She was admitted to surgical ward and within a few hours she was informed that she had cervical cancer (detected from the blood taken from the doctors) and the surgeon said that he did not see any signs of cancer when carrying out the hysterectomy.   They were pumping her with fluids but her sickness was not subsiding so after a CT scan it was discovered that she had a mass on her Duodenum and this was stopping her digestion any food but was told that it was contained in that area.  She had an operation on the Friday to fit a stent and was able to start eating puree food on the Saturday and was able to come home on the Tuesday.  PET CT Scan was completed on Wednesday and a meeting is planned with the oncologist Thursday for results and treatment plan.


Our questions are how can it be possible to have all the tests for fibroids and hysterectomy and no one was able to spot CC and we have not been able to find anyone else with met to the Duodenum.


Our prayers are with you all.




Hi Strawberryblossom :-)

What an astonishing story! I also had a combination of fibroids and cervical cancer but thankfully, no mets anywhere. Are they absolutely certain that this growth was cervical cancer and not some other variety? It really sounds incredible that it could have been missed during the hysterectomy if it originated from the cervix.

Be lucky :-)

Hi Tivoli,  I know this is what we can't understand ! and they have confirmed cervical cancer the tumor in the Duodenum they have said they beleive it is malignant but I suppose we will get the full prognosis tomorrow.  I will be able to confirm more then but at the moment it is all very puzzling .....




And hugs to you too! Do let us know what happens next  .  .  .

Be lucky :-)