Has anyone else been silly and left smear test for years? Now so scared of colposcopy


im feeling so worried at the moment.

Went for my first smear test two weeks ago (im 33 now regret SO much leaving it this long). The test was ok but I bled a bit, the nurse said as it's my first one she would expect some bleeding and she didn't see anything that worried her but not to be concerned if it comes back inadequate or Im called for a colposcopy.

A week later I had a letter from the doc, the nurse had popped into ask her advice on the bleeding and she would like me to go in so the doc can just check it looks normal.

I had my appt with the doc last Friday and it bled a little again (not as much as the smear test) and the doc said my cervix looks very frazzled but she can't see anything making her overly worried but she would like me to have a colposcopy just to double check. She said its most likely cervical erosion, i asked about cancer she said because i have no symptoms like  leading after sex, abnormal bleeding in between periods it is unlikely to be that.

i am so scared through, I am waiting for my colopscopy and just constantly googling other people's experiences. I feel so stupid for not having a smear before I'm now sure it's cancer and it's spread to other places.

i have been on the pill since I was 18, the doc said that could also be the reason for it looking frazzled.

ive only had 3 sexual partners (two between 19-23) and one since 30, dont know if that reduces the risk at all?

I really hope someone can give some calming advice as everyday waiting I feel worse.

i don't have my smear test results back yet.


Try not to worry. You know it was silly not to have a smear for so long but the main thing is you have had one now and will be getting a proper check over at Colposcopy. 

No idea what you GP meant by having a frazzled cervix but the colposcopy team will check you over thoroughly so you are getting a much better service than most who would just have a bog standard smear.

HPV (the virus that causes abnormal cell changes) affects the majority of sexually active women (80%) at some point in their life so whilst fewer sexual partners does help reduce risk of something nasty like cancer, it isn't a given. HPV can be passed via hand to genital contact so penetrative sex isn't even needed.

I think it would probably be best for you to step away from google until you have had your appointment at Colposcopy. You obviously aren't stupid and know it could be nothing or could be very mild CIN1 changes, equally it could be something more sinister but at he moment it would be purely speculation based on no logical evidence. It sounds like you are at least prepared for potentially bad news which I think is sometimes better than preparing for the best then falling apart when the bad news comes in.

Try and keep busy, visit friends and family and get out and do what you enjoy until your appointment arrives. Wishing you the best of luck at your Colposcopy appointment xxx

Hiya, you sound just like me! I was on the pill from when I was 17 until I was 36 and I have since been told cos I was on it fo that length of time it can make your cervix more vulnerable to erosion. I went for my smear test a couple of months ago and the nurse who did said that my cervix looked red to her and I bled a little and not to be surprised if it comes back in adequate. It did come back inadequate and the nurse said to me cos of years and years of taking the pill can affect your cervix (it thins it out and makes it more sensitve, hence the bleeding) I am due to go for another test soon and if this one also comes back as inadequate I have been told that I also will be referred to the colposcopy clinic. Just because they refer you to this clinic does not automatically mean that they think you have cancer. All it means is that they want to take a closer look at your cervix that's all, nothing sinister. Cervical cancer doesn't usually produce any symptoms until it is quite advanced. All I can suggest you do is stop googling!!!!!! this will drive you mad and people of course have their own theories. Just wait for the appointment and in the meantime write down any questions that you want to ask them. Good luck!!


You are not silly for not going. I don't understand why you should feel guilty about it and the other lady as well. I am astonished at this type of mentality in the UK. Women are made to feel guilty about not taking an OPTIONAL test. It is your body and you decide.

I grew up in a different country.  I have never been smear tested and am still alive. Lol. I would do certainly do if problems came up but certainly not because of the media propaganda, scaremongering and pressure from GPS who get paid extra bonuses for recruiting as many women as they can.


Hey wait a minute, you are not made to feel guilty for not going. A friend of mine didn't go for years through personal choice and when she did she was so glad that decided to in the end. Doctors and nurses will remind you that you are overdue but I would hardly call that guilt tripping! Yes, it is a personal choice and for those who decide not to attend... they know the risks involved so it is up to them to make an educated decision about whether or not to go. No one is bullied into going which is how you are making it sound. If you are dead against going you can always sign the op out form that you can get from your doctors and you won't be recalled again for the test and if you do in the future decide to go for the test you would have to take that up with your doctor/nurse. Just because you haven't had one and you are still alive is no true argument to say that they are not needed. Each to their own but if you choose not to have it done that's up to you and you know the 'potential' risks involved in that