Has anybody had a smear under 25?


I have posted on here quite recently about whether or not it's a good idea to get a smear done early (I'm 22 and you "have to be 25"). I'm just wondering if anybody has had one done before that age and if so how, why and where? I have no real symptoms other than a sensitive abdomen but just want to be on the safe side as ive read too many stories about girls being diagnosed with cancer or needing invasive treatment at their first smear. Thanks everyone x

Hi, I saw your post and wondered if you've spoken to your GP about your abdominal symptoms? It may be that they can refer you for further investigations if needs be, and if the referral was a gynae one they may well do a smear test if they felt it appropriate. There are lots of conditions that can cause this type of symptom, most of them wouldn't be serious. 

I know the screening of under 25s is an ongoing debate. Statiscally CC is rare in the under 25s whereas cell changes that would return to normal are very common, so I can understand why the age is 25 (the anxiety associated with cell changes is no joke) but I also understand the concerns of women under that age. I think being aware of symptoms is important, and if you're concerned in any way push to get them checked. 

If after investiagtion/consultation they don't feel a smear is appropriate there's always the option of a private smear if this is the only outcome that will put your mind at rest. You can get basic options (just a smear) or for a bit more money you can also get your smear tested for HPV.

As an aside, I did have my first smear at 21 but can't remember how that happened, and whether the age used to be lower or if my surgery was proactive in getting young women checked. My first smear was normal, but I've suffered a lot with gynae problems throughout my life which were investiagted, and which I do not believe are related my current  situation.

I'm not sure if this helps at all, I just wanted to encourage you to see your GP about your abdominal symptoms. 

Wishing you all the best, take care x


Thank you for your reply! I have been to see my GP about my concerns of having to wait for a smear but he didn't really know what to say, and said I should speak to a family planning clinic (which I have not yet done) but I never mentioned my sensitive abdomen as the discussion was more about whether it's a good idea to have a smear done at my age or not. When I say my abdomen is sensitive - it's not worryingly so, and it's not painful, it's hard to describe but it has felt this way for a long time. I remember briefly mentioning it to another doctor last year but we didn't have time to discuss it properly and she suggested it may be my bowels. I was diagnosed with recurrent cystitis in 2010 after having a number of water infections and kidney infections so I think it is probably my bladder but since reading up about HPV and the like I have gotten myself in a right state. I think I will return to my GP again to see if it's worth getting checked out. Part of me wants a smear test now and the other doesnt. Obviously id rather catch abnormal cells now but I don't if they would return to normal. I feel like id be taking a risk whatever I do x


Glad to hear you're thinking of seeing your GP about the abdominal sensitivity, especially as you haven't had the chance to discuss it properly up to now. 

The internet can be helpful but it can also be unhelpful, and it's hard once you've read something to 'unread' it and clear it from your mind. Re HPV, as far as I understand there's aren't any symptoms with it. Also the key factor is most women who come into contact with the virus will clear it - I think Patient.co.uk quote something like 9 out of 10. Also with mild (low grade) abnormalities again most of the time the cells will return to normal. 

Hope you can get a GP appointment soon, take care x

I had a letter last week I'm not 25 till February 2015