Has anybody experienced this punch biopsy result?

Hi ladies, I feel bad for having to ask again (as iv posted before) but its niggling away at me. I had a punch biopsy on the 7th feb, got my results dated 26th with a letter stating my appointment for a lletz on the 27th march. The result read "ungradable CIN" and "abnormalities" has anyone else experienced this result? Iv searched and search for info yet there is no info about it. Thank you in advance xxx 

Hi, my daughter has had like you mild dyskaryosis for 2 years now. Then in November her last smear came back as mild/moderate and she had to have a punch biopsy in January. We have only just got our results 7 weeks later and her letter just says "abnormalities detected" and she is booked in for loop/lletz on 2nd April Im also confused the the result of "abnormalities" and no staging and iam panicking thinking the worst. Maybe your results are ungradeable as they are only very minor. I feel for you as i know how iam feeling. I really think its just the way the hospital give out information. They are not clear are they. I wish you good luck with your treatment.xxx

Thank you for your reply, it's silly, I think that the letters should be more in detail, it's funny because with the letter came a leaflet on CIN a a few other definitions which were highlighted yet none of them applied to me and nothing about "ungradable" I'm guessing that because iv had abnormal cells for over 2 years that the doctor has thought my body doesn't seem to be correcting it the hpv virus, so therefore to get the abnormalities gone would be the sensible thing to do, same with your daughter really. I hope this is the case for both of us. I was like you though I didn't know if this was a good or bad result. Not very clear at all are they. Once your daughter and I have the lletz procedure they analyse that biopsy too so maybe then we would get an actual grading of CIN. I wish you and your daughter all the best and keep your heads up xxxxxx

Thankuou. Yes it seems you and my daughter has a similar history with these smears. Im really worried i cant deny that. I hope we both get goods results from the lletz. Fingers crossed.xxx

Bless you, my mum is the same with me :( il update this post if I get any info that I think may help you with your daughters situation. Good luck and I wish you and your daughter all the best xxx


I've just found this information pdf on CIN that has a small section about ungraded CIN.


Its an old document and the language is a little too medical but I after googleing definitions of some of the words it sounds like its possible they didn't get a good enough sample at the biopsy to give a definitive grade.

Hope this helps and hopefully they will be able to give you a grade following your lletz when they have removed it all :) xx

Hi Fiona, thanks for replying, il have a look at the link when I get home as it doesn't act as a link on my phone. Thanks again xxx