Harvesting eggs (children mentioned)

Hi, I’ve been told I need a hysterectomy for stage 1b cc after previously being told I was a candidate for a trachelectomy. Whilst I’m very blessed to have a 2 year old little girl, the plan was to try again for baby no.2 at Christmas until this happened. So, my question is can eggs be harvested AFTER a hysterectomy? They are leaving my ovaries. Or am I best doing it before surgery?? Xx

Hiya I noticed no one had replied and I always think if it was me I'd want someone to post even if they couldn't provide the best / most helpful info!

I read that if you are having a hysterectomy but still wish to have children, you should have an appointment with a feritlity consultant and they can look at freezing your eggs before the operation. I don't think this can be done afterwards as even though your ovaries are still in place they don't produce eggs any more. I think. If I were you I'd ring your nurse or your consultant and ask this question, or make sure you have all your questions written down before you go to your next appointment.

I watched a video diary recently of a woman who wanted to freeze her eggs before her hysterectomy and she had to take a course of hormones (a bit like IVF) to increase her egg production so that they could save as many as possible. I think she had to do thid for 3 weeks before the hyserectomy.


Hello love,

There are definitely specialist fertility doctors you can speak to. I have been so lucky with both my cancer nurses but I know you haven't really felt supported by yours so maybe that isn't the best route. Have a look on macmillan and see if there are any support groups near you. There is one at the hospital i'm having my op at so there may be one at yours. You need to push and push if this is something you really want, no matter how much whinging you think you're doing, this is your future!


Thank you for responding, I have found out some info. It is theoretically possible to harvest eggs after the rad hysterectomy. I’m going to see a fertility specialist on Friday to discuss my options, however it’s unlikely we’ll go down this avenue as the nhs wouldn’t fund it due to me already having a child xx