Hard to cope... anyone else feel the same

hi girls

i finished my treatment last July. I had chemo radiation and brachytherapy. i have been flying since. Loving life. Until about a month ago. It's almost like I had some sort of breakdown. Panic attacks, severe anxiety, crying all the time. Finding it hard to leave the house.

The treatment put me in the menopause. I started hrt in February. I was pretty ok without it. Things seem to have gone downhill since then. I've changed hrt 3 times. I don't know whether to just stop it altogether or would that drive me right over the edge. I don't know if how I'm feeling is from the stress of all my treatment or if it menopause or hrt based.

It's such a pain to go through all that treatment come out the other side and then be crippled with anxiety and not able to enjoy life. I'm only 32. And getting married in a few months. I should be enjoying my time. Not feeling crap. Im doing all I can to try sort this counselling meditation relaxation minimising stress exercise. All the usual. I suppose I just want to know that it's not unusual to feel like this and that I will get back to normal and this dark cloud will pass. Sorry for the rant girls! 



Hi Christine

Sorry to hear you are going through a tough time.I was the same as I couldn't take HRT.

I now take PASSIFLORA TINCTURE by VOGEL I am a totally different person and much more in control.

Look it up and see if it would be any good for you.

Hope you feel better soon.

All the best

Becky x

Hi Christine,

Just the same as you, no hrt but a serious nosedive about nine months after surgery. Took myself off for CBT counselling which has worked wonders and really turned my life around. Do get help with it. Don't suffer unnecessarily.

Be lucky :-)