Hard Area!

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I had a borderline result from my second ever smear in August which explained borderline changes and high risk HPV and was invited for a colposcopy..I went along for this a couple of weeks later where a punch biospy was taken. The results came back high grade which conflicted with the smear so I was discussed at the meeting (MDT?) and my slides were looked at again etc etc..it came back that there were areas of high grade changes so yesterday I went along for my Loop. The procedure seemed to be taking a long time and the Dr explained the loop would not cut through my cervix because it was too hard (she tried 3 loops, numerous times!!) After a while she managed to remove a small amount but not all that she had originially wanted, it will be sent off to the lab but she said there didn't look to be anything sinister so Im not overly worried but Im just wondering if anybody else had experienced this? She said it was possibly a fibroid or some people just have "hard areas" but im not sure! There was no mention of a lump, just hard - at one point when I was lying legs akimbo she asked the nurse if the machine was working properly (cue panic about maintenance man appearing!) 


Sorry to ramble, would just be interested to hear if anything similar has happened to anyone else. 



Hi Ruby,

No hard area experiences to share with you I'm afraid but I have had a maintenance man walk in. You will be reassured to know that the poor maintenance man is in a lot more trepidation than you are, he has no idea what sights may be awaiting him behind the consulting room door and he has to go in, it's his job! You can be certain that he will be focussing very hard on whatever needs to be fixed and as little as possible on the patient. I'm sorry that this isn't the help you wanted but I hope someone more useful will be along here in due course.

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