Happy Tusday

Good mornig Y'all


So this is not colposcopy/lletz/cone related but just a simple happy tuesday and how are you all today? (basically i am taking my mind off my impending results that are currently at hospital)


I am in Andover Hampshire and the sun is shining today :-) My inlaws are visitinig for the week and I am blissfully sat at work :-) I have finished my course of antibiotics yay!!!! and so I intend this evening to have a very large glass of wine.. whoop whoop


hope you all have a good day (as much as you can between the worry and the horrendous side effects of our treatments)


Love and light ladies



Happy Tuesday!!

I am up in Runcorn, Cheshire. Sun is shining here too. Each day I am feeling better from my op. I was able to get out of bed this morning before my mum took the kids to school which was nice. The girls in work have been messaging me regarding outfits for the works xmas do. Its on December 11th. That's my goal date to be fit and health. Jaegar Bombs all round for my "comeback" they say - I'm going to be sick as a dog I think!

Thinking I need to get myself into a good book or TV box set...i had a full day of daytime TV yesterday and it was so depressing! Any recommendations?? xxx

Happy Tuesday!

Had my 2nd LLETZ yesterday and currently camped out on the sofa with hot water bottle and blanket, watching trashy TV whilst my husband does the housework. In all not too bad at all. And the sun is out in Derby too x

Hey Kelly78


Glad you are feeling better beautifull. If youhave not seen it already I highly reccomend 'Pretty Little Liars' you can only get it on netflix :-( but if you havent got it you can subscribe to the 1 month free trial YAY :-)

I think Good morning britain followed by lorraine followed by Jeremy Kyle followed by This morning everyday would drive me bonkers lol!

I love reaing and have recently started reading Terry Pratchets books (they are hard to get into but once started are very good) Ben Elton is also a very good comedic author so his books are defo wotrth getting stuck into!



morning all sun is shining in wales to, im hoping to be on the mend now, started a course of antibiotics yesterday so fingers crossed they work. im board of tv, day time telly is depressing ive been enjoying reading my kindle with music on. Ive just finished cathy glass' new book Girl alone there true storys, they are very good reads but can be sad as shes a foster carer other than that i like to read dorothy koomson or diane chaimberlain there always good reads :) hope you get your results soon and you all feel better soon xx

Good Reccomendations :-)


Well I have just called the colposcopy nurse who has told me that I need to wait for a phone call that could be today.. I am shaking like a leaf and feel miserable now.

Good Reccomendations :-)


Well I have just called the colposcopy nurse who has told me that I need to wait for a phone call that could be today.. I am shaking like a leaf and feel miserable now.

Not good there making you wait, surely they know we are going crazy waiting for news and why they couldnt tell you when you called its so unfair. I hope you get the call very soon, and i know its easy to say but try not to worry too much find a good book and hopefully it will take your mind off it for a bit xx

Results are in! I am about to start a nw thread about it but for you lovlies who have commented this is it.

Cin 3, no clear margins, to return in 6 months for colposcopy and possible further treament.



Glad you've had your results and that wait is over. I hope you get some answers on your new thread unfortunatley i cant help you there i only had the lletz a week ago so dont know what normaly happens after results xx

Fab news xxx

get well soon darling


Gosh I would have been bricking it waiting on that call! I think quite often the margins clear up as you heal. One of the ladies who had a LLETZ at the same time as me in Jan had unclear margins, but thankfully a clear 6 month smear. I apparently had clear margins but still ended up back in the stirrups! In short, it is all a bit random, so please don't spend the next 6 months worrying x x x