Happy new year

just wanted to wish everyone a happy and as healthy as can be new year and thank you got everyone for your advice, help and kindness xxxx

Happy New Year! floppypoppy & to everyone, yes, Wishing you all the best for 2015 xxx

I might have some good news about HPV vitamin c will work but make shore you look in to vitamin c As Ascorbate as well as aspectAcid. Its a deffernt form of vitamin c but take both types 3 hour apart. With garlic every time and stay away from (sugar!!!!)  sugar feeds all disease.  Go on a green organic raw diet for atless two week. God wants you to be free for all disease. Oyea buy the way here a theory? Lol if we take a pint of blood out our bodys our speen has to create more right to replace whats done so if we are doing this therapy. As well should the body help its self right???  I am not the greats writer but i hope this give some insite on this theory lol. I hope and pray every one its heal from Hpv, cancer , Hiv though out this website. Oyea but the way everybodys body is deffernt so some may take longer. High jak your immune. System amd make it find the problem. 

Yep :-)

Let's hope we all have plenty of good health in 2015, it's my New Year's resolution! :-D

Be lucky