Happy but confused

Hi everyone,

So I had my colposcopy this morning. 6 months ago I had a mild smear, told to wait 6 months and my next smear in May was moderate.

Wait times in my area are really long so I had a private colposcopy this morning. My consultant was amazing but I want to run something past you all in the hope someone can advise. During our chat before  the colposcopy we talked about the fact I had LLETZ  treatment in 2003 for CIN III. I also explained that my husband and I don't have any kids and that at 44 absolutely don't plan to.

On to the colposcopy.... he said everything looked absolutely fine and that it looked like there were no changes. He said there was nothing that concerned him but that as I'm not planning any children he would do a LLETZ just to be certain there were no microscopic changes.

I'm absolutely fine with this as the LLETZ will have given him something to analyse. He said he'd call in the next week with the result.

He also said that what a smear finds sometimes doesn't always marry up with what's seen during colposcopy and also mentioned that as I had CIN III in 2003 they were perhaps being over cautious.

I'm just wondering what anyone else's thoughts are on being given a LLETZ when it all looked normal?

Much love xx


Sounds like overkill to me. You know what they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

Seriously. if it were me I would be content to stick with more frequent smears to make sure nothing developed, but treating invisible maladies sounds a little odd :-)

This sounds a bit odd to me?! The cervix is a large surface area so how woukd he know which part to treat for these microscopic cells??? Did he just pick a random area and perform the lletz?! 

Hi. I had a cone biopsy in Dec following a moderate smear result. The consultant couldn’t see anything but knew that would be the case as I had already had ‘work done’ ( two lletz and a history of abnormal cells). The results were cin 2. He was NHS.

Thanks oldhand,

I guess due the fact I've previously been treated for CIN III then like your consultant, mine decided to err on the side of caution and just do the LLETZ. Be interesting to see what the results show.

Whatever the result I'm glad he treated there and then. Don't think I could stand going back every 6 months for check ups only to possibly end up having treatment anyway.

Thanks everyone for replying and good luck to everyone whatever your journey.

Much love xx