Hand hold please - results in 2 days.

Hi all, thankful of finding this site. 


I went for a routine smear in March, 2 weeks later I recived a letter saying I have severe dyskaryosis and must attend for a colposcop. All fine, I could cope with that. Went for the procedure and they found very large patches of whit, with black flecks all over (like it had been sprinkled with pepper) nurse refered me Lletz under GA. 


Fast forward 4 weeks I am patiently awaiting results, expecting a letter however; I have been rang by the hospital to go and see the consultant this Friday to discuss result. I am petrified, I have never experienced anxiety before until now. 

has anybody else had this and had good news? Also has anybody else had the 'black flecks' ?? The nurse pointed them out. 

Hi Darling,

I really feel for you. Unfortunately I am only awaiting for my colposcopy. So I won't be able to give you advice abouto it. But keep in mind that maybe they did not remove all of the abnormal cells and they need to do the treatment again. 

I really hope for the best for you! Please update us with your results on Friday!