Hand delivered

Hi everyone I'm sorry if this appears twice but I don't think I posted the first one right. On the 20th Aug I had my smear. On the 29th I received a hand delivered letter from the hospital saying they had found high grade (severe) dyskaryosis and had been booked for colposcopy on 6th Sept. Since receiving the letter I've worked nights but have had several phone calls (missed) from the hospital and voicemails saying I must attend a really important appointment. Is this normal procedure to hand deliver letters and ring I'm going a tad crazy thinking the worst is going to be found on Friday I've done a fair bit of research into what the abnormalities mean but I'm freaked out I've been experiencing some symptoms that I just put down to having kids, being stressed and just getting older I'm 32 but just thought I was getting early menopause symptoms, but now I'm concerned I've been experiencing pain during sex, leg cramps/pain, sores on my scalp that won't heal or go away with antibiotics, lumps in my neck hot flushes, swesting and discharge I'm hoping someone can tell me I'm just being a drama llama I'm sorry for getting all fussy I just don't really know where to turn and don't feel I can talk to anyone about it I've 2 young children and have recently got married. Thank you in advance


Sorry you have all this worry. I suspect the hand delivered letter might be due to the quick turnaround in your appointment and that the NHS mail delivery can be like snail mail (I work in the NHS). I had phone calls to confirm I was attending. I also had high grade changes. I probably can’t help your anxiety about it all but you got this!

At least you don’t have to wait ages for your appointment. Will be thinking of you. Xxxx 

Thank you lovely