Halfway through now. 3 chemos done and 11 rads. Still suffering with nausea unfortunately even with medication. Only little bit of diarrhoea, my legs however feel so heavy and numb feeling on my thighs. Some days good some not so good. Think also I’ve got my period, brown sluggi stuff. Sorry tmi!

You are doing really well so hang on in there! I was very nauseous and we realised on chemo 5 that I was being given too much chemo for my weight so they couldn't get sickness under control. The best drug I had was haloperidol which gave me a better nights sleep and took the edge off the nausea. Worth a try. Make sure you do some nice stuff on the days you feel better. Keep us posted. X

Unfortunately I don't seem to be having any good days. X sorry bad day. It will all be over soon I'm sure and can get on with my life. Never thought I'd miss work this much, oh to Monday morning moan about work. Routine life and not feeling sick 247.

Hang in there sweetie.  Half way done. 

You're doing really well and it won't be long before all this is in the rear view mirror. 

Cheering you on babe.  You can do this.

much love, t xx

Hi hon,

you are almost there!! Take a breath and be proud of yourself. The light is getting closer everyday. 

you can do this!!!

Cheering you on sweetie :-) you're on the home straight now :-)

Thankyou ladies. About to start the last couple of weeks of treatment.beginning to look to the future more, excited for this all to be over with. Going to work, moaning about a Monday morning the normal things. I'm excited for the cold cosy nights and a lovely bubble bath.