Halfway There

Well today is the Official halfway point of my treatment - Chemo - Cisplatin & Radiotherapy and I have to say I feel truly blessed to still feel so well at this stage. I could not have imagined when I received my diagnosis and was told the treatment I required that this would be possible.

I've suffered no nausea whatsover, but have done as advised and still taken the anti-sickness meds prescribed.  have difficulty sleeping the night after I've received the Chemo (lucky if I manage 3 hours sleep), and have had a tummy upset only once. 

I've had a couple of Acupuncture treatments (I checked with my Consultant Clinical Oncologist first, as I didn't want to do anything that could risk my lowered immune system), he was happy to consent as he recgonises benefits of the treatment.  The Acupuncture made me feel as if someone had plugged me into a recharge on both occasions, I felt completely relaxed and energised, I would strongly recommend this treatment to anyone going through the same Chemoradiotherapy regime.

I'm now happy to race to the finish line and get on to the 3 sessions of Brachytherapy to conclude the treatment and get on with the rest of my life.

Stay focused, strong and positive Ladies, there is light at the end of the tunnel,


Feisty xx






Hi feisty 

I'm so glad it's going well and I'm definitely looking into acupuncture (my spelling is awful!!).

i was just wondering and sorry if u think I'm noisy but what stage and type did u have?  (Hope u don't mind me asking). I was told on the phone my treatment will be cheomo and radio and it's likely a 2a but seeing the consultant today to find out more.  I hope I have a similar experience to u as I've been scaring myself by googling the treatments!


Hi Fiesty, 

Its lovely to read that you are feeling so well at the halfway point. I'm on the same regime as you and almost at the half way point too. 

I too have been lucky, no real nausea, or any other things to complain about. I don't sleep for a few nights after chemo, apparently due to the steroids.  

23 more treatment days and here's hoping it will all be over. 

Good luck to you on the rest of your journey. 

Stay strong and be positive xx

Thank you for this post, it has given me some hope today! I'm due to start my treatment soon, following a PET scan and it's very reassuring to see someone doing well and feeling so positive.

I hope everyone's treatments continue this way.


Hi Erin,

I'm glad to hear that you too have been lucky with the side effects and are also at the halfway point too, 

I hope the rest of your journey goes as smoothly and that you continue to feel well,

Good luck, stay strong & be positive

Feisty xx

Hi Hani,

I've found since starting my treatment, I feel positive in that something is finally being done to get rid of this unwanted guest that has taken up residence in my body.

I hope you will find the same when you start yours, it's the unknown thats the scary bit,  it's actually quite amazing how our bodies seem to accept that the chemo/radiation is a necessary evil and we accept the treatment as a normal part of our day. I hope your treatment goes smoothly too, with little or no side effects to worry about,

Good Luck, stay strong & stay positive,

Feisty xx

Hi Kimmy,

I was diagnosed stage 1b1 and told I would receive Chemotherapy - Cisplatin, Radiotherapy x 25 and Brachytherapy x 3.

I hope your consultant makes it clearer today what the whole picture is with you, they are likely to send you for a PET Scan too if you haven't already had one.

It's very hard to resist the temptation to Google the treatments, but for your own sanity, try to avoid it, our minds are designed to look for the worst case scenario and then we wind ourselves up uneccesarily. I tend to take a lot of information from here, as it's women who are going through exactly the same process as I am so have real experience.  

I hope you are lucky too with the treatments and few or no side effects,

Good Luck, stay strong & stay positive,

Feisty xx

Hi Feisty

So pleased for you that you are feeling well and halfway point must be a fab feeling for you. 

Big hugs and take care xxxx

Woohoo! Halfway there....brilliant news!

Glad you're feeling ok too, I start my treatment tomorrow and am hoping to be ok x