Halfway Point

Hi Ladies,

I am now officially half way through my Chemo 3/6 and radio 14/28 :slight_smile:
I know there’s a few ladies here who are just beginning treatment or are at the same stage as me and I like hearing how other people are finding it as I’ve picked up so many tips from other people and it makes it easier when you know what to expect.

At the moment I am still working full time, (I work from the chemo ward on my chemo days) I choose to work out of the love of my job. My employers will pay me full sick leave but I choose to keep working until I feel like I’m pushing myself which I don’t feel like I am at the moment.
I have had to go home sick twice due to nausea but once I got my nausea medication sorted I haven’t had a problem since as I take it every day. I have no fatigue as of yet. I am asleep by 11.30 every night and I sleep through till 8. I have my radiation scheduled for every morning between 9-10 so it’s part of my routine then.

The diarrhoea started for me last week but I’ve switched to a very bland plain diet and I am taking Diarrhoea medication so it is manageable at the moment.

I’ve been so lucky so far that I have had very little bad days and when I tell people my story then can’t believe how sick I am because I look “normal”.

Now its time to see what the next half is going to bring I know it’s going to be more of a challenge but I’m ready!

Wow that's such a positive post Laura and will give many women out there hope and lessen anxiety. It just goes to show that for some women the treatment does not affect their daily lives too much. Here's to the next few weeks being just as positive. All the very best. X

Hi Laura

So glad you are getting on ok and still working. Wow.

Had my first radiotherapy yesterday and off for one this morning at 8.15am which is so early. May request between 10 and 11 so don't have to ask someone to take my daughter to school.

Got chemo tomorrow so will see how it goes.

Love and hugs 


Hi Laura Work can be an absolute tonic. It also helps you forget about being sick. Just make sure you treat yourself to a great holiday afterwards. 

It's so brilliant that you can do your work in chemo! I was so disappointed to find I couldn't do anything because of the position of the cannula in my wrist. And if you can work from home then presumably you could do it on the loo if necessary :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Laura 

this is all wonderful To hear. Glad you posted for others to read. Do make sure you are drinking lots to keep hydrated as it does become harder to remember when you are busy. 

Half way is indeed a great oppertunity to celebrate. 


This is great to read. I am going to be starting chemoradiation soon and am planning to continue studying full time throughout if I can, so this is very encouraging! Glad that you are doing so well and feeling so positive. Hope the second half of treatment continues to go well for you.


Sending you lots of positivity 

Thanks ladies :-) lolli I totally agree with the water always have my bottle to hand and have got my intake up to just Under 3 litres so I think this has really helped 


Laura xx

Hi Laura

I am so glad you are fibdin treatment ok and still able to work! 

I am also half way but have had a worse journey with nausea, fatigue and and nerve pains but this was expected as I had awful hyperemesis with both my children and had nerve issues befor treatment.

It is so good for people to read the positive stories! Hope the next half treats you as well!


Hello and well done for keeping on working. 

Ive completed 3/5 chemo and 11/35 radiotherapy and I'm still working. I have felt like people want to wrap me in cotton wool. 

I, too developed the dreaded diarrhoea at the weekend, but at least the dreadful bleeding has stopped. 

I know I may get fatigued, but I want to do what I can whilst I can! 


meant to he going away for the weekend at the beginning of March, am I being too optimistic? 

Hi Shewolf

Ive 19/28 done and still feeling fairly ok. The diarahoe is still mangable thank god although the steroids after chemo make me eat all around me which I do so I am kind of asking for  it!

Ive been very lucky with fatigue it hasn't affected me as of yet I do take something to help me sleep every night which gives me a full night rest and I'm lucky to have my radation at the sane time every morning so my body does have a routine. I actually find I get more work done then the average person on Thursday/friday thanks to the ssteroids! 

i think you'll just have to take one week at a time I hope you'll be ok to go sure aim to be able to go don't too dissapointed if you can't!


Laura xx





Hahaha.... those steroids made me feel like super women then on day four when I ran out I was a lazy bum.  

your post made me giggle as there was a day when I was so pumped up I was cooking up a storm with baby in carrier on my back and the living room was rearranged. Hung up the 50" tv on my own.  Hubby just shook his head, then by the weeks end with no steroids left I was ordering pizza, house was a mess and to exhausted to try to find the remote to even change the channel. :)

You are amazing x