Half way through treatment

Morning ladies

So yesterday I reached my 'half way point' of my treatment having completed 12 radiotherapy sessions and 3 chemotherapy sessions, I was absolutely petrified when I first started the treatment but reaching this point I can look back and honestly say it really hasn't been as scary as I feared myself up to it to be.  

I believe I have been very lucky upto date with minimal side effects, I've just had a 4 day trot of horrendous diarrohea but other than that things have been good.  

i just wanted to share this for those of you starting treatment to hopefully help ease the worry slightly, i know we are all different but hopefully knowing someone elses journey might help :) 

much love Michelle 

Stage 3B + lymph node 

24 radiotherapy sessions 

5 chemotherapy sessions 

3 brachytherapy sessions 

So happy u have  reached  ur half  way  point  it  won't  b long  till your  joining  us in post treatment  i finished  my treatment  in March i found  since treatment  as finished time  as  gone  so quick  xx

So happy for you reaching your half way point... I can't wait to get started now...  How are you feeling??  Any more side effects??  

Wishing you all the luck for the second half of your treatment xxx 


well big high five there darling!!!!! The rest is downhill. If you have come this far without anything crazy you are golden. Maintain your routin with food once you find what works and allow a little more leeway if you feel tired. I got a bit tired by the last week. But I do have to say it was then when I got my best sleep. 

Chin up your almost at the finish line. 



Hi lulu1970

im doing good thank you :) no other side effects as yet so hoping that what ever it is I'm doing is right for me.  

It took me a good week to find the right balance for my meals, sleep routine etc when I first started so just listen to your body as much as you can when you begin your treatment and any niggles at all speak to the team as they are amazing for support.  They will more than likely give you a moisture cream for the radiotherapy part of your treatment, use it everyday as it's amazing stuff (my skin is softer than my new born nieces at the minute) 

wishing you all the best with your treatment, stay strong and positive xxx

Thank you kindly, I certainly will :) xx

I'm actually more worried about the big chunky 3 month waiting time following finishing treatment I think, it's starting to play in mind abit so with 2 young boys (one is 5 the other 2) I have planned out lots to do over the summer hols to keep me busy to help pass the time away :) looking forward to joining you in post treatment, take care xx

This is so good to hear. Thank you!!!! 

I have my planning scan tomorrow and hopefully start treatment next week. Absolutely terrified 


You're on the right side of this now! Well done you! 


Feb17 - smear 26th April 2017- Lletz and biopsy

12th May 2017 - Diagnosed CC

staged 1b1 

26th June 2017 - Radical Hysterectomy ( excluding ovaries) with lymph nodes removed

14th July 017 - confirmed lymph node involvement.  Due for Chemo/ Rad