Half Way Through ..... Little Hitch!

Hello gorgeous Ladies,

Hope you are all well...... So last Wednesday was day 13/20 radio, but I was up for about 6 hours with constant diarrhoea, so when I went for my radio on the Wednesday they ended up keeping me in hospital - I only came out last night (Mon).  I was on a drip for a couple of days, and they have been trying to get my bowel calmed down, treatment was put on hold until I saw my Onc yesterday.

Meds that Im on are Buscopan, fybogel & tramadol.... tryin to just take tramadol when i really need it now.

So treatment resumes tomorrow, and I have just started stinging when I go for a wee - so I guess cystitis it's on it's way ....My husband has just been to the chemist & they won't give him anything as I am still on treatment ... Cranberry juice for me ....  Feeling pretty yuk about it all at the mo ... I only have 7 radio left & 2 chemo ... So close to the end now....

Just thought I would give you an update .... 

Love & hugs

Sam x x x x

Hey Sam,

I was wondering how you were getting on. Sounds like you’ve had a rough time lately, im sorry to hear that :frowning:

I don’t have any practical advice but just wanted you to know I’ve been thinking about you, and will have everything crossed that the next few weeks pass easily and quickly. It can’t be pleasant going though the treatment.

I hope you’ve got lots of distractions to keep you going!

Keep strong :slight_smile:


Hi Sam, 

What a time you're having! You poor thing, I really feel for you. You are doing SO WELL though and like you say, nearly there now - you must be exhausted but I have no doubt whatsoever that you can do this - you are brilliant! 

I know what you mean about the Tramadol - I was on that for a while and just had to stop taking it in the end, mainly because it made me vomit every time I took it; it's pretty rough stuff! I've been prescribed Buscopan and even though they say you shouldn't take it for more than a week at a time (or a fortnight - can't remember now!) my consultant said not to worry about that and to just take it as much as I need to - it's the only thing that stops my bowel from completely falling apart, and even with taking it, it's not 'normal' in the way that it used to be. 

I'm not surprised you're feeling yucky about everything - why on earth wouldn't you be - but you're doing fantastically well Sam and I want you to know that I am thinking about you and that there are always people here you can chat to about any aspect of what you're going through. 

I'm sending you big big hugs and lots of love, and I hope it's gone as well as it could do today.

Much love,

Annabel. XxxxxxxxX

Hi Sam thanks for the update, I was thinking of you the other day. You poor thing, those last two weeks are the worst, but try keep in mind as soon as the radiation stops it will ease off so quickly. Sending some positive vibes your way! xxx

come on chick. nearly there xxx

Sam, sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time! How are things now? You’re doing sooo well Sam, just keep going sweetie. Let us know how you are xxx

Hi Girlies,

Cystitis, fortunately, didn't kick in!  However, I am suffering with really bad constipation.  I'm on fibogel & movicol & I'm struggling to pass anything more than a couple of large, hard, dry rabbit droppings that takes about 10 mins to pass ..... Along with ring sting !!! Just don't want to end up in hospital again ... This is what happened last time, but I was compacted & got overflow.  Fortunately that's not happening at the mo as I'm doing my best to go, even if its just a little.

I only have 2 more radios left & last chemo on Friday .... It's gone so quickly .... Although now thinking all the what if scenarios ... Need to strop that right away !! 

Anyway ... I'm purchasing prune juice tomorrow - hoping for a little movement ...

Thank you so much for your thought & kind words - Means oodles 

Love & hugs

x x x x 

Oh man, deepest sympathy, the rabbit droppings are the pits! Yell

Assuming it's ok for you to take it, I found that a stool softener as well as a laxative was necessary when I was completely bunged up. I used DulcoEase capsules (which contain the active ingredient docusate sodium alongside) Movicol, but I did clear it with my CNS first.

Failing that, maybe a corkscrew? Tongue Out