Half way point

Well today marked my half way point in the chemo/rad journey, 3 out of 5 chemo done, an 13 rads out of 25, braccy booked for last day of rads. 

Mentally it's been a massive step today that I'm over the majority of treatment an it's one step closer to the end, especially as had a bit of a crap week with chemo an not sleeping for 36 hours. 

But I can do this an if insomnia is the worse thing this treatment gonna throw at me I can deal with it.

Feel better for that


Hi Dawn

Well done you !! I'm exactly 3 weeks in and doing ok. Very tired and had 2 days in hospital with high fever this week but taking each day as it comes 

keep going we will get there !!

julie x


Glad to hear u r half way done. I have one more radiation and then i will be done. We have made it ro the end of treatment. I pray that all goes well for all of us. :-)

Well done mrsp.  Soon you will be joining us in the post treatment section discussing your great post scans. .......


Hope u feeling better Julie, an we nearly there the finishing line is in sight we got this.

Speak soon 

Dawn x

You go mmouse, one more treatment to go.

Good luck for the rest of ur journey u got this.

Dawn x

Thanks lolli, u r totally inspirational u always find time for all of us whether it's diagnosis, treatment, good days an bad days, thank you so much for taking time out for the newbies an showing us we can do this 

Dawn x

U will  soon b there  i found the  nearer  the  end came  i was  counting  the  days  down  keep strong x

Yay Dawn!

Congratulations! Getting past the halfway mark is a great feeling :-) Over the bridge, just a little way further now and your done :-)

Be lucky :-)