half hearted results?

Hi ladies, today I recieved a letter which had also been sent to my doctor...... "Thank you for referring this patient with a smear showing a high grade abnormality, colposcopy showed a mild aceto white area only with warty changes...However in view of the high grade smear it was decided that she would benefit from a loop excision which was carried out today uneventfully.  We will write with the result. Nicola will be reviewed in the nurse led smear clinic in 6 months."  

So as far as I can decipher they are still going to write to me with the results of the loop excision ? or are they just going to write to the doctor and i get seen in 6 months as there is nothing to worry about ? 

Plase can someone let me know what all this means ? the doctors are not taking any telephone appointments due to the bank holiday this weekend.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!





having read that it sounds like they will write to your doctor with the results and then your dr will contact you?

i don't like the way things are handled, just left hanging on waiting. I would chase up your Dr for the results in a week or so if you haven't heard anything.

i had to keep chasing for them to make me an appointment after telling me I had to have the treatment! It was ridiculous, I waited months! I'm sure all these nhs cutbacks are to blame. :-(

hope all goes well for you x

Hi piggies thank you for your reply...  I managed to get a appointment today and basically talked through the letter... Yes my loop excision has gone for biopsy and yes the hospital will write to me and the doctor with the results....  downside was that the doctor asked how I had been doing and ended up swabbing me had a internal and now on two lots of antibiotics for infection of the cervix....  completely agree with you about the way you are left hanging around like it's nothing....  it's not nothing it's our lives and the head mess that we are all going through from mild to severe to diagnosis is awful.. Thank goodness for forums like this where we have people to share our worries, woes and fears...  thanks again for taking the time to reply piggies much appreciated xxx