Hair loss.rash..and him

Hi ladies.
How you all doing.?

Here I am again. Had a bad rash come up on some of my body.they reckon the it’s from the chemo. My hair has started to fall out. Which has really got me down in the dumps.
Tried to talk to him about it.(ands I was crying) And all he said was “and,you knew it would happen”
And he carried texting his friend who’s down in the dumps at the mo.
Feel so lost.

Secora xxx

Hi secora

is he still kicking around causing you more stress then what he is worth. You already know he is not going to change so let go of your feelings for him and kick his stupid ass out. ..... you will be able to have more strength when he is not holding you down. 

Ive been wondering how you are doing, hoping you are handling treatment ok, wishing the very best for you. I'm sorry that losing your hair is having such an impact. Have you concidered just shaving it off and getting a wig? Maybe a new look will boost you confidence and make you feel a little less down. 

I cannot imagine what you are experiencing but hope you will find the courage you need. Big hugs to you!!!

Aww big hugs secora. .

By the sounds of it he is causing u more stress than what u already lollii said tho shave it off and get a wig...there are some lovely ones out there and some stunning headscarves. .chin up ❤xx

I agree with the other girls,just shave it all off amd get a nice wig. As for your other half,i would seriously have words with him or kick his atse out the door. 

I had the chemo rash too,two weeks running so my last one was cancelled. Are you taking piriton for it? X

Hi Secora I totally understand about the hair. I lost mine and it was very distressing. I hated the wig which I wore for about 6 weeks to work and then had to give up work due to feeling lousy from the chemo. It is very confronting. Your guy's a jerk. If you  don't have kids can you leave? Better to surround yourself with supportive girlfriends. I am glad I split up with mine as I just didn't have the energy to be around him. Lousy jerk for being selfish just like yours. Unfortunately this cancer business makes us confront hard decisions and demands us to be stronger than we want to be. Protect yourself from him. He sounds very young And certainly not good enough for you. 

Hiya Lolli.

How you doing?

Yes ended up having to shave it off also have a wig.

Went into anaphylatic shock well having some chemo the other day. Only me.

Am OK now tho. They just have to slow it down so it will be done over 4 and a half hours instead of 3.

Everything else ok.

Trying to pluck up courage to kick him out. Did tell him I was down for 2 days. He went how do you think I feel I am depressed.  He's not he just wants everything on him.

Hugs xxx

Hiya .

All shaved off and now have wig. 

How you doing?

Not kicked him out yet but getting there. Especially after how he's been 

Hugs xx

Hi Brucegirl. 

Yes got or had that.

All the other day went into anaphylatic shock . Lol yeah trust me huh.

What we like. 

Now have wig. Still on verge of kicking him out. Aparantly I am the cause for his depression 

Hugs xx

Hi there secora

i have been wondering how you have been getting on, you do sound as though you are feeling stronger and more confident. I do believe that you will know what's the right thing to do in time. 

Glad that they have solutions to the shock. Chemo days can be long but take that time to relax and just enjoy some music or a movie without anyone bothering you. I did find chemo days as an escape from everything. 

Sending you some special vibes to give you some superhero powers to keep your mental and physical strength going strong!