Hair loss after LLETZ

I had a LLETZ procedure last Wednesday after an abnormal smear test and CIN3 showing up in my cone biopsy.
I’ve had the usual issues after the LLETZ, tiredness, horrible discharge, headaches… all good fun.
But today while I was in the shower, I noticed I was losing quite a lot of hair… it reminded me of when I stopped BFIng my daughter so I assume it’s a hormone thing but I just wondered if anyone else had had this?



I've been having hair loss for about a year (no other symptoms for anything else) I have noticed it slightly worse since wearing for results past three months. So I suspect a mix of hormones and stress for me. Maybe the same for you? 

Good luck for your results. Waitings the worst bit isn't it 


thank you for your reply! 

Yes the waiting is awful. It's only been 9 days since my lletz but feels like months!

Hi Lauren how is your hair now?? I'm 12 days after my lletz treatment for cin 3. I have noticed an awful lot of hair falling out today. I'm freaked over it because every time I put my hand to my head loads of hair is falling. I have been feeling very tired and emotional. I'm wondering has your hair improved?