Hair Dye

Hi girls

I finished my treatment the end of August radiation and cisplatin…could i pop a hair dye in my hair was looking at one of those nice and easy temporary ones i think it lasts around 5-8 washes I only want to put it in my parting and my hair line my hair is nearly white at this stage!!! thank you all.

I think you should be ok now. I cant remember the exact time but i remember asking my doc if i could dye my hair as i was starting to look like a badger and he said it would be fine. It was just over a month i think xxx 

Yes definitely I done mine the next week I finished treatment 

Hi Siom I am so glad you posted this topic. I have had disastrous results with hair dye after my carboplatin/taxol drug regime. To set the scene I had been dying my hair for decades initially for fun and then to cover grey. Well I lost all my hair with treatment and to my horror it grew back completely white. I was a brunette. So I thought I'd go blond. My hairdreser suggested a champagne colour which looked cool in the sample. Horrors of horrors it only took the pink and I had clown hair. She toned it down to a pink rinse type thing that my grandmother used to have. So after it faded i tried again and the hairdresser put 9.3 in my hair a nice medium blonde horror it came out orange like a traffic light. So I had to strip the colour and tone it to get back to white. I am not touching it now It looks quite good I just have to get used to it. So the problem was twofold The chem had obviously affected my hair and it's ability to take in chemicals and because it grew back white which I'm sure was accelerated by the cheno So be wary and test a piece. You don't want the added embarassment Jayne

hi girls thanks for the replies will put one in the weekend thanks jayne..... will deffo do a patch test first!