Haemorrhage post Lletz treatment (warning TMI)

LaughingHey all,

I've been lurking about these forums for a good few months now since the dreaded "severe dyskariosis" confirmation. The forum has helped me massively. Without it I'd have worried my self sick so thanks to everyone who posts. 

I got the dreaded confirmation whilst on holiday in Majorca from my local hospital which was terrifying in itself, I've never wanted a holiday to end so quick! My smear two years prior was borderline with high risk hpv, in the last few months it had been playing on my mind so I had badgered my go into giving me another smear early. 

The hospital confirmed that I was now CIN3 with high grade hpv still. I had my colposcopy along with a punch biopsy and my results confirmed I would need the LLetz treatment, this was booked in for the 17th September. The Lletz itself went really well. For anyone reading this awaiting lletz treatment don't be scared, it's over before you even know it's happened and I found this easier than the colposcopy! 

Fast forward to this weekend and around 12 days post lletz, I had been having very little bleeding a d discharge and generally feeling quite well until Friday. 

Started to feel a bit queasy and exhausted but put it down to a busy week and got on with my weekend. Did my housework on Saturday and food shopping Sunday. Shortly after getting home on Sunday afternoon I was watching tv and felt a sudden gush down below, I looked down to see the top of my jeans were red so I ran to the toilet where I remained for around 30 minutes, the blood flow was bright red and the same consistency of a nosebleed. Every time I stood up the flow got worse. Two full toilet rolls and 1 clot later I rang the non emergency number and was directed straight to a&e. 

I soaked a new pair of pants right through during the ten minute journey and as I got in to see the triage nurse passed what I can only describe as a golf ball sized clot before almost passsing out. 

I was seen by the on call gynae who did an internal and later returned to cauterise the area, he said that whilst it was healing he could see some irritation.6 hours lots of blood and two drips later I was allowed home. This was around 10pm last night at 5am this morning I woke up in a small pool of blood. Waited a couple of hours before returning to a and e and being transferred to a ward. Passed another large clot this morning and have seen the doctor who advised he could still see a lot of blood and has recauterised it. Since the last examination today I've been in a lot of pain in my left pelvic/ovarian area and whilst the bleeding has now stopped.(hopefully for good this time!) I'm wondering if this is intact the lletz or if it could be an ovarian cyst. I've been going to the gp with cyst symptoms for over a year now and getting no where. I'm also a little scared as they advised today that if it happens again I will be going in for surgery. 

I could kick myself for not asking more questions now but I think my tired self just wanted out of there asap having had quite a horrific experience and having to wait 90 mins for pain relief. Not to mention the 12 hours in there without so much of an offer of water! 

Has anyone else had this kind of bleeding after lletz, I'm just curious as to what remedied the situation and what was the cause. 

Many thanks in advance

Vic xxxx


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Oh honey,

I read this almost in tears because I was so sorry that you had to go through this too. I had the almost identical thing happen to me last Monday, 11 days post lletz. Bled all night, finally went to hospital as I was due in for my ct scan anyway, ended up in a and e, where I lay for three hours, still bleeding. I know all about the golf ball clots! It was like something out of a horror movie, and it will be a long time before I fully recover I think. 

I was told that my bleeding was from the site of my first punch biopsy, rather than the lletz. I couldn't really figure that one out, because in my head the lletz should have got rid of that are, if you know what I mean. The bleeding was finally stopped by the doc applying silver nitrate to the area. I'm not sure why I bled; apparently it's usually because of infection, but I hadn't got a temperature or anything. I suspect it had more to do with my having had my first post lletz period.

it was after five that evening by the time someone actually gave me anything to eat! 

I have taken things so easy since then, I'm almost scared to do any activity, and it have been absolutely shattered. I hope you can give yourself the chance to rest a bit now.

lots of love,

Molly xxx


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Ps I have ordered some lady nappies from amazon just in case!!! I ended up using my little girls pull ups, ripped open at the sides!

Mol x

Aw I'm so sorry to hear that, that's awful! I hope you are feeling better now, I've not moved since I got home. Like you too scared incase it starts again. Lol I think I might order some just in case. The young hunky gyno in a and e was bemused at the sight of me taking off a pair of my husband's underpants. I'm not sure who was more embarrassed! Hope you are keeping well 

Lots of love xxx

Oh thank god mine was not young and hunky! That would have been the last straw. Bad enough that I was wondering if I ever taught any of the junior doctors!

Mollz xx

Sorry to hear this happened to you! Although reading it and other people's experiences has worried me, I'm glad I have because if it does happen to me at least I'm prepared. Will be a week tomorrow since I had lletz done, scared to death of bleeding everywhere.  Sleep on a towel with pj bottoms over my undies too just incase. Slightest strange feeling and I'm straight off to the loo just incase. Have been scared to do anything but just had to build it up bit by bit and stop if get a twinge of any kind. Hope you're both ok x

Oh no Mollz it's awful isn't it! Stacey try not to worry honestly just relax and rest. I pretty sure I ended up the way I did as I didn't take it easy. I did a work out early last week and do a lot of walking as part of my job so many miles covered a day. Just before it happened I'd been lifting the Hoover and a heavy bag of cat litter. I wasn't doing as I was told. Just take it easy and you should be fine xxx

Stacey, I too fell that my bleed happened after a day that I'd just done too much. I had been feeling all recovered, so just got on with everything as if I'd not had an op.

do take care and avoid lifting, hoovering etc!

Mollz xx

Sadly as part of my work I have to do the hoovering esp on my late nights as have to do the cleaning. The bf is doing the poo picking and barrow pushing for horse so don't have to do that. Hoover we have is a small light weight one though. Wont lift anything bigger than a small dog at work and that's only if I have to. Been walking the dogs a bit but not too mad. Have noticed a small tinge of fresh blood but I guess that the is expected as scabby stuff sloughs off. Yuk!

If the exact same thing happened to me at the weekend. I went to the hospital on the Friday and they re cauterised. Accused me of being pregnant and made me do a test. Negative!! Said he thought it was my period and sent me home. Clots got worse, the size of a tennis ball, lots and lots and very heavy bleeding. Admitted to hospital, iv fluids and bloods taken. I am now anaemic. Re cauterised again and told I would need a kind of burn surgery. Luckily, the bleeding slowed down by the next day and they let me go home without surgery. I have been resting since as I'm too scared to do anything as I don't want to bleed like that again.

You poor thing, it's totally grim. I took it really easy for quite a while, but feel fine now, if a bit tired. Take iron with vitamins, but make sure you dint take too much as can be dangerous.

big hugs, Molly xxx

Thanks Molly. They have given me iron tablets and a repeat blood test in four weeks.

i am still waiting my lletz results but I already know that they can't be sure that the margins are clear which now I'm worried that I am still going to need more treatment. Also, the vessels are abnormal and extension into the crypts are present but, I don't understand any of that until they speak to me x