Haemorrhage post lletz (not for the squeamish!)

I posted on this forum about 3 weeks go about my recovery post lletz, turned out I had an infection. A week of antibiotics and off work I felt so much better and the discharge had virtually stopped and I finally felt more normal again. I got my results on monday and it showed CIN 2 with warty koilocytosis but removed with clear margins, hpv high risk strain still present. I was told to have a repeat smear in 6 months for proof of cure. Felt pleased the cin was gone but slightly worried about the hpv still being there.

That aside wed afternoon I came home from food shopping and took bags out the car and felt a gush - first thought was maybe I had wet myself (not that it is a normal occurrence either!)  just the amount of fluid. Ran to bathroom and found I was bleeding heavily, soak pad, trousers etc. I carried on bleeding and passing clots, called an ambulance as the gp advised on the phone, lost at least 300mls before hospital, another 600 in a+e, they put in a vaginal pack and catheter to try and stop the bleed. Went to the ward and then about an hour later I had bled through the vaginal pack and over the bed so they wanted to cauterise the cervkx. Was in a lot of pain so after the doctor tried to do it on the ward and I screamed so much I probably woke all the other patients he gave up as he couldnt see due to the amount of blood. So I went to theatre and had a ga to be cauterised took about 40mins in theatre. Woke up and couldn't breathe, seemed to aggravate my asthma. Lost nearly 2 litres in total they suspect from my iron levels.  

Now I am home and in shock. Terrified I might bleed again.  Has anyone else experienced this? 

Becca x


Oh Becca, you're not having a good time with this.

i had the same thing, and it seems lots of other ladies have too. I still shudder in horror when I think back to my time in A and E.

i started to bleed on a Monday night; I had had my period over the weekend and felt really rough then the Monday I felt mush better and went for it with the food shopping and hoovering. I did have a sore back so took some asprin! Well, that was one bad decision after the other! 

Since then, even though I've just had light discharge, I have been so careful. However, I really do think I'm ok now. The sealing up does seem to work! I've even had an internal exam as part of my treatment plan meeting (that was a pleasant surprise!!!) and nothing started again. I am bit nervous about my next period, but haven't heard of anyone saying that it's been a problem after that length of time, the three week bleed seems to be the common problem.

sorry, waffling. Just try not to worry and really take it easy for a bit. Tesco online and not hoovering!

love, Molly xx


Hey, yes I had exactly the same. Touch wood I've been ok for the last week. Had a bad bleed and two cauterisations. I'm due on this weekend and keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't happen again. Stay rested and fingers crossed you should be fine. Xx

No Molly its not been the best! Can only get better I guess! 

I have been signed off work for two weeks and my partner has been amazing. He held my hand all the way through it. My family have also been popping in and helping me. So bed rest and box sets seems to be the plan for now. In quite a bit of pain so is making me behave too. 

Just taking the antibiotics and praying that I dont start to bleed again. On iron tablets to boost my levels back to normal. Just nervous everytime I check my pad incase im bleeding again,  bit paranoid!

This forum has been a god send, so good to be able to talk to people who understand and have been in the same position.

Take care, I'm loving the box sets too. God bless amazon prime!

Molly xx