Had my second LLETZ today.

I had my second LLETZ today. It under general this time which was much better for me - although I was in a lot more pain afterwards. The Dr said he took all of the cervix away so hopefully that'll be it now, if not we will need to discuss further treatment, hysterectomy perhaps. Nervous for these results but he said they should be under 2 weeks. I did the silly thing of reading the lab report in my notes before my op (from results of last LLETZ) it said probably no invasive disease but strands that need a second opinion- which is freaking me out!

Hope my post makes sense, I just re-read and it sounds all over the place - still a bit out of it!

I hopen all goes well with results, I'm having my colposcopy on Friday due to abnormal results saying suspected glandular neoplasia I'm worried sick as well! X

Hi there

Just wanted to wish you both all the best with your results - 

Had my LLETZ done in march and the wait for results was awful

Take care ladies x x