Had my LLETZ today

Hello all. I said i would keep you all updated so here goes.

Just got back from my treatment and it went ok. The nurses and dr who carried it out were the same ones as last time and were incredibly nice.

The specialist said she was suprised by my results as she thought it would just be CIN1.

She showed me on a diagram where the CIN3 was and it looked quite confined but in her words severe. Not quite sure how to take that but she did say she took a biopsy from where she thought the worst of it was from and as that was negative for cancer or serious disease i should be ok.

I had the anesthetic and a jab of adreniline and they went to work. it was over very quickly and painlessly.

i was in and out within 30 mintues so that was ok!

im feeling a bit light headed and achy now so i intent to do as little as possible now!

i want to thank everyone here who has offered advice and support!

just the waiting game now for the results back from the chunk they took!