Had my LLETZ for CIN2 and CGIN

Had my LLETZ today, wasn't too bad in the end. The doctor said he thinks he got everything so am hopeful! He also took a sample from up near the womb i think, to rule things out. Got 3-4 weeks to wait for my results, so not going throught the 'urgent' biopsy that my initial one did which makes me a bit relieved. I asked what would happen if he hadn't got it all, and he said they would do the LLETZ up to 3 times before thinking about other options. No mention of hysterectomy, which i am soo relived about as others with CGIN seem to mention them in posts on this site.

They have got to do a review, as my initial smear seemed to show something different to what the doctor could see and what the biopsy showed. I am hoping they made a mistake as it was obviously worse hense all the panic and urgency around my origional colposcopy and biopsy.

We are away this weekend at a wedding then going on holiday on Monday for a week which is much needed after a rubbish few weeks!

Hope everyone else is ok :-) xx

Hi Princess, I am glad you are being monitored closely. Hope you have a great holiday! Will be watching for your update when you get back. Luv Shaz x