Had my Colposcopy & waiting....

I didn't start bleeding for 3 days after it and it was smelly too but only lasted  the couple of days yours should ease soon so don't worry, I'm still nit back to normal tho after the lletz and got a kidney infection(never had one before) and the discharge is terrible 

Okay. Thank God this is normal! Thank you. I'm so sorry you got a kidney infection that sounds horrible! 

Still awaiting my results. Hopefully I'll know by tomorrow!

The waiting is horrible isn't it, I'm waiting everyday for the post man afraid but want the letter too at the same time but I'd say I won't get mine till next week cos took the 4 weeks for the colopscopy letter to come wish I could fast forward time lol 

I am also in the same boat (so to speak) as you ladies - had smear in Feb, recieved results abnormal Colposcopy end of March 2 punch biopsies and then LLETZ 18th May. The waiting is the worst I think it's the not knowing my other half won't talk about it so it's been a tough couple of months thinking and over thinking things! Fingers crossed for you beautiful ladies xx

Hi Juggsy hope ur healing well after the lletz, your dead right the not knowing is absolutely terrible I feel at this stage I can face anything once I'm told, the 4 weeks wait is hard, 4 weeks for the colopscopy then 4 weeks for the lletz, but we need to try and hold it together I know it's easy to say that and so hard to do lol, it's great to be able to talk to people in the same boat thank god for this site xxxx

It is Mandy - it didn't help that I didnt get my results for my Colposcopy for 6 weeks due to them being short staffed it was only because I was chasing them and then 2 weeks later for the LLETZ, I'm not to bad just feeling drained mentally and physically I think I've had an infection so hasn't helped the situation at all!

Fingers crossed we all get good news - and like you say thank god for this forum otherwise i'm pretty sure I would have cracked up by now.


Oh wow 6 weeks is a long time to wait, please god the waiting won't be as long this time and all will be well xxx

Hi ladies just said I'd let ye know I rang the clinic today and they had my results and said they would send them out in the post today as they don't give the results out on the phone so over been Friday I told her hold them there and I would collect them, anyways the letter said no abnormalities found and an appointment for 6 months time so I'm delighted can start looking forward to my wedding again(in October) please keep me updated on how ye get on keeping u all in my prayers xxxxxx