Had my Colposcopy & waiting....


Just joined today. It's 12 am and I can't sleep. Severe cramping. I am 23. I have a 2 year old son and I'm engaged to my love whom I've been with for 4 years. I haven't had a pap in over 3 years and what was suppose to be a check of my sore throat developed into me getting a pap done... 

Pap came back with low grade cancer cells and high grade cancer cells. Had the Colposcopy today. They took two biopsies. One from 12:00 and 9:00 in my cervix(referencing what doctors said when they were doing the procedure) I asked if this was normal to take two and was told they've taken up to 5 before so don't worry. 


But I'm worried. I thought pain during sex and bleeding was all due to having a baby and that my vagina just never healed properly. I looked up the symptoms and everything fits to the T. More discharge, random bleeding and cramping when I'm not on my period, pain during intercourse and bleeding post intercourse. Because of this I'm extremely worried. 


Everyone is telling me I'm fine and that it's all good and God will heal me but honestly....i just want to break down and cry my eyes out. I want to be in bed all day...i was in bed most of the day today. I haven't cried...i feel like I don't get that privilege until I'm actually diagnosed with cervical cancer. And since I'm so young the chances are I most likely haven't developed it yet. 


But I still have HPV  that looks like it's not going away for the rest of my life so I've been told I need to start taking better care of my immune system.


I should get the results by friday. If they come back positive it's like almost a relief to know what's wrong. But if they come back negative then all my anxiety is for nothing you know? And ill feel stupid I guess. Of course I don't want cancer! I don't know how I feel...theres a lot of emotions that's for sure and I feel like no one understands me. 

Hi do you mean pre cancer cells rather then cancer cells? I also have hpv my pap(smear) showed hpv the colopscopy results showed cin111(there pre cancer cells) so I had to have the lletz done 2 weeks ago, all of that was done for pre cancer cells to remove them all so they can't turn into cancer, plenty of people have the hpv and some people's body's can fight off the virus my body couldn't but I'm hoping after the lletz that the virus will be gone, it's a very worrying time hope ur results come back ok xxxx

My doctor never said precancer cells. She specifically said low grade and high grade cancer cells. If they were precancerous I feel like she would have specified PREcancerous and not low/high grade cancer cells...


But maybe she got it wrong? What is LLETZ? 


My doctor said she recently had another girl go through the same thing and the Colposcopy showed that she was fine so not to worry 



The colopscopy shows any abnormal cell changes, I'd hpv from a smear and the colposcopy showed I'd high grade changes in all the cells(cin111) after 5 biopsys so they made an appointment for me to get them cut away from my cervix(was told was a large area) and that was send away to be tested(said would get the results in 4 weeks) if I were u I would ring ur doctor and see what exactly showed up on your smear it might put ur mind at ease, and don't ever feel stupid for worrying it's a hard thing to go through 

Hi ladies,

Im in a simular position to guys I think. 3 weeks ago I had my biopsy done. 27.04.17 Got the results back 20.05.17 just over 3 weeks. Diagnosed CIN3.

I am actually terrified... 3am and can't sleep body can't stop shaking really suffering with anxiety and panic attacks...

I am so worried as now I have had the results back and read a bit into cervical cancer I now realise that I have had signs of it for some time... I have had heavy slimy discharge for well over a year and also bleeding in between periods - not every month... I had no idea these were linked to cervical cancer I thought it was pretty normal when on the pill etc...

Since ready about the signs and symptoms I am now so worried that I have been ignoring such big indicators... I have also had discomfort in my throat and change in voice for the last 6weeks or so... And since read that could also be linked...  

This whole experience is so scary if anyone can let me know if they too have had these symptoms but have had a cancer that is treatable please let me know so that I'm not going out of my mind... 

Mandy and Fayautumn I wish you both luck in this journey we are all facing...

The waiting for me is the hardest... 

Bekah. X

Hi Bekah


I am so so so sorry that you got the results back and it is cancer. Just remember that with this cancer it's extremely rare for death to occur or to have to have a hysterectomy done. So hopefully they will only have to freeze your infected cells or scrape them out. I really hope for the best. Please keep us updated.


Also. I still don't have my results back but I defiantly have the same symptoms. I thought bleeding and cramping without my period was normal since I have the IUD  marina and I've been sick for the past month and thought it was just strep throat or a bad cold. But now I know I have HPV and my immune system is being compromised. 


I've don't tons of research and it has helped put my mind to ease. And being on this sight has greatly reduced my anxiety. I have anxiety which I take medication for and trust me, I know what your going through. It's the worst when your trapped in your own mind. Just know that there are tons of women here for you to comfort you and understand you. 


Keeping you in my thoughts 

Thank you Mandy. 

I don't want to be a bother to my doctor so I will probably just wait 2 more days to find out the results..hopefully I won't have to wait until monday...

I'm sorry that your going through this to. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Thanks and please keep me updated thinking of u xxx

Awww bekah1986 you poor thing, the waiting is very hard, remember if the big cc words come into it it's one of the most treatable cancers, were all in this together and we can support one another, what ever it is we can and will do it xxxx

Hi Fayautumn,


Thank you for your reply, I haven't been diagnosed with Cancer yet sorry if my post wasn't clear... I have been told I have CIN3 and am waiting to go back on Tuesday 30th May to talk to the dr about having it removed. she wants to do it under GA as I was so nervous. 

I am am just so scared because I have ignored Possible signs... The bleeding in between periods and heavy discharge. And now the hoarse voice... I'm petrified. 

I too am suffering from high anxiety as it's the fear of the total worst...

When are you having your Lletz or have you had it already? 

Wishing you so much luck. 

Stay positive.


Bekah xxx


Hi Mandy,

Yes the wait is killing me. Did you ask when you had your Lletz did it look like cancer? If so what did your dr say? I am so very scared. Did you have any symptoms at all..?? 

How long did they say you had to wait for results of the Lletz? 

Got everything crossed for you.

Bekah xxx

Mandy were you awake for the Lletz or were you under GA? xxx

Yes I was awake and it was over and done with in no time, I got 2 local injections and they said it was a big area, I'm still waiting for the results it will be 3 weeks next Tuesday they told me would take 4 weeks, I never asked them at the lletz i just wanted them to remove as much of the bad cells As they could, I don't think they can see cancer at the lletz that's why it's send away to look under the microscope, no I'd no bleeding between  a period or after sex(i have the coil in so I dont even get a period) I'd to get the coil out and a new one in as the 5 years were up so I asked for a smear and this is the out Come of that(over due one with 7 years I know stupid me) 

Hi Mandy,

The dr told me mine was a large area too hence why she wants to give me GA... I'm hoping though when I go on Tuesday that I am brave enough and not shaky or anxious and she agrees to do it there and then. I have everything crossed for that to happen... But when I had my first biopsy I was a shaking crying mess... 

If you haven't heard back and it has already been 3 weeks that seems really positive dont you think? I think if there was something to be very worried about they would have already contacted you... 

Dont feel stupid about not going... Life gets in the way and all of us are guilty of putting our health on the back burner... We all do it hence why I didn't go to the doctors when I had heavy discharge or bleeding... I just though its down to the pill or stress... I do wish I knew the signs of CC though as I believe I would have visited my GP. 

Wishing you lots of luck with your results Hun and just remember so many women are absolutely fine after cells are removed. Stay positive 

Bekah. xxx

bekah if you have to get a ga you would be waiting longer, ita the waiting that's a nightmare to deal with, I know you can do, once you get the local you feel nothing and I promise it's over before you know it, the taught of it is worse then the treatment, when I had the colopscopy I was shaking really bad and she said she had a hard time trying to get the biopsys she said it was snipping my cervix but not taking it away we got there in the end so I found that harder then the lletz, I drove in my self and drove home, ya I think ur right that it had to be good news  people get bad news within the week so that's a good sign, I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you on Tuesday(would be great to Get it over and done with) you can do it, let me know how u get on xxxx

Thanks for your message Mandy... I believe I can do it too... I just hope the dr agrees to do it there and then... She did say that as it's a large area GA would be advised but I just want this over with... 

I will of course let you know how I get on... Please let me know when you hear back too...!! xxx

Just tell her the waiting will drive u mad and u just want it over and done with, best of luck and course I will thanks xxx

Hi Bekkah and Mandy, 

Love how supportive you guys are! 

Btw I didn't get the call today from my doctor :( I still don't know if my biopsy results are positive for cancer or not. I called the hospital and asked my doctor to call me but never received a call. So I'm guessing my results aren't back yet. And Monday is Mamorial day so I might not even get to find out until Tuesday. Can't sleep again tonight as I'm super worried. 

Sending good vibes 

hi fayautumn I just came on this to see how u got on yesterday And just see the comment above, I was praying you had answers and that they were good, the waiting is a nightmare, it took 4 weeks for mine to come back And now the waiting 4 more for the lletz results(3 almost down now) I know exactly how u feel but I keep telling myself it's good news because I've heard nothing, positive thinking, try and take ur mind off it and do something to keep busy(it's not easy I know Hun), I'm here if u want a chat xxxx were all in this together <3 

Hey Mandy, 

The waiting does suck.i hate it. But I also have a question for you. How long did your bleeding last after your Colposcopy? I'm still bleeding so it's been 5 days now. Is this normal? My doctor said I'd bleed a little bit a few days after my Colposcopy. I started bleeding the day after my Colposcopy and haven't stopped since. It's not heavy, it's just like a period but smells awful and I'm grossed out with myself. I know this is TMI but I have to ask someone about it. 

Sending you good vibes ❤