Had my colposcopy, high risk hpv, worried.

Hi I have just had my colposcopy as I have got high risk hpv. He said that if he didn't see anything I would go back to normal smears but he has found something and did a biopsy. Now ha have just got to sit and wait for the results. Should I be worried?, they mentioned further treatment if needed and that I need to stop smoking. I am trying not to worry but it is worrying me. Will the biopsy say if it is cancerous or not?. The dr didn't say much about what he thought.


didn't want to read and run.

the biopsy will confirm if there are cancerous cells or not. i just wanted to say the longer you wait for your results the better. i waited 6 weeks so i knew it wasnt anything sinister.

good luck and hope all goes well xxxx