Had my colposcopy & biopsy today

helllo everyone so 4 weeks ago I had my first smear test I was putting it off for a week or so and I'm so glad I took that plunge and went for it...it was over and done before I knew it i then waited a further 2 weeks to have my results on the 14th day I got that phone call I automatically felt so scared as I knew it wasn't going to be good news I was then told I have abnormal cells and I'm also postitive for hpv I broke down on the phone to the poor lady...she said to me that I would need to go for a colposcopy so today on the 6th September I had my colposcopy. Which never hurt it was fine she then did a biopsy which was a bit of a discomfort but okay and im now waiting for my results I'm so nervous that my results will come back that I have cancer I would love to talk to other ladies that are going threw the same situation. 

Hey there,

I've been through similar recently. My colposcopy was three weeks ago and I got my results last week. I have a mix of CIN 1,2 and 3 covering most of my cervix so I am booked in for LLETZ under a general anaesthetic tomorrow.

I was told that the results could take up to 6 weeks from my biopsies however I waited 2 and then called up the colposcopy clinic and they were able to tell me them over the phone and book me in there and then for my pre-op appointment and operation date.

From what I can tell if you just have CIN 1 then they just monitor you but if it's CIN 2 or 3 then they usually want to rto move it. I'm not sure what goes into the decision between doing it under a general or local - perhaps how much of the cervix is covered?

I was like you and while I was waiting for my results I couldn't shake off the fear that I had cancer. The wait is the absolute worst. 

This forum is amazing and a great place to offload and ask questions and also have a good moan ( my main bug bear is sanitary towels I HATE them!!)

Jen xx

Oh blesss yaaa thankyou for commenting and sharing I've been doing so much research over the last few weeks to try and know everything she did say to me whilst she was doing my biopsy that she could defiantly see cell changes but that's all she said to me then said that I would hear from her in 4 weeks I'm going to be going mad with not knowing for such a long wait i might try and ring  the hospital on the 3rd week to see if they have my results I keep telling my self to keep thinking postive about it oh yes I completely agree this is amazing place to be able to talk to other ladies in the same situation I have a lot of family and friends supporting me which is great but they don't understand what is going theew your mind mentally I've also had anxiety attacks over not knowing :/ could she tell that you had cell changes in your biopsy? X

Definitely start phoning the clinic after 2 weeks. Im sure they are used to people asking so it can't do any harm and hopefully they'll have the results early for you.

The doctor took one look at my cervix and said he could tell there was severe cell change. He didn't tell me what level of CIN it was but I had told him that I was supposed to start a years backpacking trip (unfortunately currently postponed till I recover from the LLETZ) and he told me that I should stay put, get treatment and then go. 

I've found the whole thing surprisigly emotional. I'm so sorry to hear you are having anxiety attacks. Have you had them before?? If you need any tips to help manage them then shout :)