Had my 1st ever LLETZ

I had my Colposcopy this Tuesday. They also did a LLETZ.  I am not going to lie. The minute the nurse inserted the speculum, I was in complete agony. That hurt more than anything. I felt a slight prick when she did the Local anesthetic. I went home after and rested took some painkillers and felt fine. No blood atall. I went to work the following day and was ok all day. When I got home I started to feel mild period pains which I was expecting. I had a warm bath because it was a little smelly. I used the femi shower gel which is for womens private bits lol. Well today I was sent home from work this morning. I felt alot of discomfort and as the evening has come Im getting more twinges and pain. I honestly thought the pain would go away after time but it seems to be getting worse. Im just a little unsure if this is normal. I still haven't had any bleeding but I had a brown, what I could only discribe as tissue come out as I went to the toilet. It was about half an inch in length. 

Hi snickers, sorry to hear you're not feeling so good.. :( I'm not sure if anyone else has any ideas but I know I was told not to have a bath for a week or so after my biopsies were taken (although you are allowed to shower obviously!) and not to use any soap down there until the bleeding had stopped (just wash with water etc). I think this is in case any nasties in the bath water/soap travel up there and make your symptoms a bit worse. I would try and avoid baths though for sure until your bleeding has stopped, and if you're worried about the pain and twinges you could always call up your doctor and ask the question? They might be able to put your mind at rest.. Hope you feel better soon xx

Hi snickers,

Thought i would put a quick post in. I had my LLETZ 2 n half weeks ago and i have been bleeding ever since, at first it was heavy and was advised to go to A&E but after resting a couple of days it became lighter, but it comes and goes. Sometimes i fill a sanitary towel within 2hrs sometimes not, cramps and light bleeding is normal so i wouldnt worry to much. Today i am bleeding heavily again very bright red too, so i will see how i go before i ring the doctors! You really shouldnt have a bath for at least 3 - 4 weeks to prevent infection i really wish i could have a bath but not going to chance it.

I have been diagnosed with 1A1 but they are hopeful my LLETZ got rid of all the cancerous cells, i have an MRI on Monday and a CT scan on tuesday next week. Its likely i will have to go back for a cone biopsy as i still have CIN1.

Feel free to PM if you have any questions or need to chat :-)


Trudy xx

Aww thank you both for replying to me. I been very lucky not to have bled atall. Just getting a bit of nasty discharge at the moment. As for the pain that has eased off a lot, thankfully. I try not to think about it too much. It only really aches of an evening but I guess thats because I been active all day. I really do appreciate your support. I hope you both doing ok to. I hope your both get through all this. xx

Hi Snickers,

I did get a bit of pain when i was walking but most of the time i am trying to put my feet up or not move around too much as i seem to bleed if im on my feet all day. Luckily i have a great husband who looks after me.

I am doing ok, off to have an MRI today then a CT scan tomorrow. Feeling a bit anxious i should have the results by end of the week (hopefully).

Trudy xx