Had LLETZ under general anesthetic feel sick dizzy still

I had a LLETZ under general anesthetic on monday as had to remove quite a bit of cervix. I dont have much pain, less than my usual period pains. However I feel awfull dizzy sick and light headed. I was feeling tired tue and wed but ok. Felt absolutely awfull last night sick dizzy tired so went to bed at 8pm and slept right through apart from when my little'un had a bad dream about dinosaurs. I though I would be ok by now but feel I'm getting worse. Thought I may of had an infection but bleeding is hardly visable. I do a bit of cleaning for 2 hours while child is at nursery which I did yesterday but not strenuous. I have cancelled todays clean as feel so awfull. How did others feel after having a LLETZ under GA? Had been taking ibuprofen and codine, havnt taken any today would they help with the dizzyness stopped taking as have hardly any pain?

I had lletz under local, but from experience of having general anaesthetic for other operations, I think it's normal?  Obviously if it gets so bad that you can't do anything then it's probably worth seeing someone, but I've had GA twice, and the first time, I felt terrible for about 2 weeks after.  I was going out and I'd not be out long and then I'd feel like I was going to collapse!  It's possibly the way your body reacts or something, but if you aren't bleeding heavy or anything then I'd *think* that it's just the anaesthetic playing with you.  Hope you feel better soon.

I can't speak on the procedure as I have not had it done but I've had GA twice before for operations and it took me well over a week to come around from it. Usually I would suffer from nausea and dizziness and basically just tried to sleep my way through it. When I asked the dr on my follow up he said everyone process GA differently and it gradually eased up as the week progressed. Hope this helps

Hi I'm due to have mine under ga on the 9th of April I suffer panic attacks and hope it won't flare them up with the ga best wishes to you all x