Had LLETZ today!!

Hey everyone, had treatment this morning after having my biopsy on 30th june... apparenty they held a meeting over me to review my case and came up with CIN3. Anyways i was offered a GA or Local and decided for the local as i just wanted it out of me, not going to lie it did hurt but it was over pretty quickly and i will get my results back in 4 weeks couple of questions for you ladies though...

im not currently bleeding (feel pretty sore and swollen tbh) will it start bleeding n a few days?

i was thinking about running two packs of birth control so it doesnt get too irritated down there dya think that may help it to heal?


thanks so much xx

Hi Ruby1512, glad to hear it went ok - I also found it very sore and don't think I had enough local anesthetic!

I had mine done on 3rd August and only had a little bleeding on the day and no blood since, although a lot of other stuff!!

I've also run my pills back to back as I've got a bit of an infection but think I would have anyway as been wearing pads since the lletz and will need a break! Haha  

Good luck with your results!

Sarah x 

I applaud you for having the lletz under LA... i was a wimp about it lol


I had mine 3 weeks ago and felt like you do now, had light watery pink n brown discharge for about 7 to 10 days then huge amount of bleeding with large blood clots for 48 hours then heavy bleedingfor further 6 days now eased to minor spotting. Not sure about the pill thing maybe someone else can advise on that

Yay glad you've got it out the way. Now we're both in the waiting game! I took my pill back to back which is fine to do but I'm not sure it would make much difference to how it heals. I had watery discharge and lots of black bits the first few days after lletz. After 10 days I started bleeding and had lots of clots and gosh knows what else coming out. Xxx

Hi Ruby,

you are very brave! I had my Lletz yesterday & it wasn't on my fun list of things to do!!!

i made the mistake of thinking I could Hoover with my Brand new vac this morning (the suction was so strong i could barley use it) take it easy means take it easy!!!!

glad it went well for you x 

ps: I'm not really bleeding yet either, feel like I am being lured into false sense of security, then Niagra falls!! Xx

Hi Sarah,

how are you feeling now? good luck with your results fingers crossed you are all clear 



Hi Sadie42, thanks for the message, feeling a bit drained with the ab hoping they kick in soon!! But it's all for the greater good...

Did I read you had LLETZ yesterday? Hope you are feeling ok : )

Hope your results come back ok too, the wait is horrible but it's so helpful to talk to other people going through the same thing x

Hi All, I had my LLETZ on August 5th. It wasn't the most pleasant experience- the local anaesthetic only

numbed part of the area so I almost hit the ceiling! Anyway, I have had watery discharge since and, at times, it almost feels like I've wet myself! The discharge also contains dark flecks which I've read is to be expected. Last night I started to bleed quite heavily. I rang the hospital today and they said "oh it can be a sign of infectio. We'll give you a course of antibiotics". Sods law, the bleeding has now settled down to like a normal

period. I did take my first antibiotic tablet but having read up on it (metronodazole), the side effects seem quite severe. I'm wondering if this bleed i am having is in fact part of the normal healing process and i can stop taking these tablets...any ideas? x

Hi Kelly, 

I was on the same antibiotics.  I only needed to take them for 5 days,  but thy were absolutely horrendous.  Making me feel sick and extremely bloated, especially as I struggle with digesting lactose.  I continued to take them though as I definitely had an infection.  The way to know is if it smells really bad. It took about a day for me to notice that something wasnt right about the smell. But it was definitely not normal! 

Goodluck! Nat x  

Thanks for your reply Nat. They have given me a 14 day course! Its bad enough changing pads all the time, never mind feeling lousy off antibiotics! The discharge has gone back to being watery now so think it may be completely normal as there's no bad smell! Thanks for your advice x

thanks guys il keep a eye out down there and see what happens, feel so swollen atm like iv been kicked in the pelvis, fortunately got hold of some mega strong pain killers my mum is on for a broken foot so shall take them tonight and get some rest! 

not sure if me not bleeding is good or bad, probably nothings happening where he cauterized it but im sure knowing my luck all hell will break loose as it heals lol 


Hi Kelly, like you I nearly hit the ceiling with mine!! 

I'm also on the same ab and feeling drained, not bad bleeding but a lot of other stuff that didnt smell very nice but the ab seem to be helping with that : )

Hope you are feeling better soon - maybe have a chat to your gp if you feel they aren't right for you?

All the best with your results 


sarah x